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Chemist giving out substandard medication

Dear fellow sufferers (lactose intolerant variety)

Have any of you on special order thyroxin (lactose free) experienced that chemists initially agree to get you the correct medication (in my case lactose free thyroxin from Henning Sanofi) but then as you go to fill up on subsequent prescriptions they start getting their orders filled by a Bolton based outfit called Eastcote ( i think) who is peddling lactose filled thyroxin as lactose free. I nearly ended up in hospital thanks to this charlatan. I have changed chemists twice. Any suggestions where I cam go and find honest chemists who deliver what is requested and not something that boosts their profit margins.

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Poor you. I take it they decant the pills into bottles so you can't tell? Does Henning Sanofi come in blister packets?



Make a complaint about Eastcote and whichever pharmacy is supplying you with lactose in Levothyoxine when your prescription states lactose-free.

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At the end of the day it's about money. If they think they can fob you off with something cheaper but still charge NHS full whack!!!

I was a victim of TEVA 100mcg debacle. My GP surgery had a pharmacy that dispensed for those living in the villages, like me. Although MHRA had withdrawn the licence for TEVA my GP pharmacy gave me 3 months supply of the bad stuff, no doubt to use up stocks and save money! Fortunately I found out about the problem, ditched the tablets and it coincided with a house move and a different surgery.

They tell us buying off the internet is dangerous. Greedy pharmacies, supplying NHS, are just as dangerous.


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