Hyperthyroidism and dull aching left shoulder

Hi again.

I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism for about 3 months now. Previously it was uncontrolled, there were bouts of chest pain here and there. And later, I don't get them anymore. Until the doctor decided to decrease the dose for me. I've been taking 20mg carbimazole a day. & she reduced it to 10mg a day. Then it begins. It's been 3 wks. Within the 3 wks, I got my breathlessness back (but better than the undiagnosed days). My chest pains came back maybe twice. I got tired more easily.

Told my doctor about it. But the new blood test came out, and she says my thyroid is controlled. And wants me to reduce my dose again after 2 months.

Today, I'm getting a dull aching left shoulder blade. It's been about 2 hours.

She tells me it's my anxiety. What should I do? Should I really ignore it because it's anxiety?

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  • What was the nmol or ng result of your Vit D blood test?

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. My doctor didn't check anything other than my thyroid levels in my blood. Should I request for it during my next visit (2months later)?

  • Ask any doctor, your GP, your consultant, or whoever, for a Vit D blood test. If they grumble, say that you've never had it tested, that you need to know your level, etc.

    Bone pain, muscle pain, fatigue, low stamina, and many other things can be caused &/or exacerbated by low levels of Vit D. (I think it can also be a factor in hyperthyroidism). The sooner you get it tested, the better.



  • Thank you so much for the reply! I will get it checked as soon as possible. Really appreciate your help :)

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