Magnesium - supports adrenals & masses more

I've just watched the video on this website article about magnesium. Please watch the video, she's an excellent nutritionist/doctor. I've just learnt that magnesium is a miracle mineral, supports the adrenals, stops the palpitations; & much much more. 80% of population is magnesium deficient.

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  • Thanks for sharing. 😀 Also Gives a table of the different forms of magnesium which is helpful as not all are absorbed equally. 👍🏼🍀

  • Hi. Magnesium is always being recommend on her, along with many others! I can't get into the bath anymore but will soak my feet in a bowl with epsom salts and use magnesium oil that a member on here recommend. I try to eat the nuts and seeds too, for selenium as well as magnesium. As Boozybird says, a great table for explaining the different types. Dr Mercola always,has great articles. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  • Thank you marigold22.

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