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good morning everyone. I have a question for all of you peeps with hashi's. last night I was in agony, i thought i may need a hospital, with stomach pains! nausea and pain like i have had before just more intense. i woke up today feeling better but still a little discomfort and joint pains. i could not stop going to the bathroom yesterday evening. i know TMI and sorry but trying to show the big picture. from what i read it could have been from the dairy i consumed. but i guess the question is then, do you all think this is just part of a food sensitivity from the hashi's or do you think i may have a stomach issue like crown's, colitis or IBS (auto immune) since we are more likely to have multi auto conditions once we have one. I currently have 4. Have any of you suffered anything similar? i mean i have a hard time standing it was so uncomfortable. thanks in advance. love you all

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  • Dairy can make me very ill. Sometimes more and sometimes less. Sometimes it makes so ill I am sweating and shaking and feel very dizzy after stomach cramping. Then it just passes.

    Rice does the same.

    If it would be fever on top of that I would worry. I have been like this for several years and I assume it is just hashimoto as to me it is certain food.

    There are people who only lactose intolerance and they end up in ER because of the symptoms so it doesn't have to be more than that. You body just tries to get rid of something very fast and effective.

  • thanks for the response. I have been dragging my feet to go dairy and gluten free. I have been told that this is what makes my antibodies continue to increase.

  • I would seriously consider going gluten and dairy free.

    I can now tolerate some dairy without problems after healing my gut but never fully recovered. Just have to live with it. which tbh sometime sucks, I love cheese :D

  • I have coeliac disease and that sounds like symptoms I had it worth getting coeliac test

  • they just tested my youngest for that a few months ago and it was negative though they never tested me. I guess worth a shot asking to be tested.

  • Did you consider everything you ate yesterday? Even normal people can have this. I have a family member who has similar symptoms when eating certain tomato sauce and I think it's an herb or something in it since other times it doesn't bother him. He is not hypothyroid either. I've switched to coconut milk. I think fermented foods are all good because of the probiotics contained. You could also try digestive enzymes with your meals. A gall bladder attack gives similar symptoms. I also keep charcoal tablets handy if I feel something going on in the gut. They give large amounts to poison victims in the ER. You may even have received that if you had gone. Hope you feel better now.

  • I have in the past considered all of my diet. It only happens when i eat a lot of stuff with gluten or when I have dairy. Years ago we never put the connection together. Then once i was diagnosed with auto immune conditions, i researched a lot because drs seem to not give too much info. and i found that most of us have food sensitivity which can be including either dairy or gluten or even both. I have been using almond milk for yrs with cereal and smoothies, but my down fall regularly is cheese or an occasional ice cream lol...... I want to get tested for lactose intolerance and celiac sometime soon, but changing my diet is going to be difficult. I am not a vegetarian anymore though I still do not eat much meat. I would have tried the paleo diet if that weren't the case. Thanks a bunch for the convo.

  • Ive suffered stomach issues for years and now have hashimotos. 3 weeks ago i started using magnesium spray, vitabiotics neurozan plus and Ashwagandha powder, Im on ndt too. Since then ive slept better, had no toilet issues and brain fog disappeared. This is after 2- years approx of hell! Im not medically qualified so cant advise you what's best for you , I'm just passing on my experience! Good luck

  • me too london81. For as long as i can remember. A few years ago I gave up sugar, an occasional treat for me I let happen but not often and nothing major. I use stevia for my herbal teas. I switched to almond milk for cereal and smoothies a few years ago. I stopped drinking caffeine and even gave up the occasional alcoholic beverage completely. Almost 2 yrs ago I started taking a multi vitamin/mineral that has high amounts of B's, then I started on a pharmaceutical grade Omega 3, then magnesium citrate, then a high potency Vit D3. Recently I added in an Iron supplement that has Vit C, Folic acid and B12 in it for absorption and now a selenium with Vit E. I definitely feel better than I did but my antibodies keep increasing. I need to get rid of gluten and diary all together I know to stop this from happening. What is the Vitabiotics neurozan? And i did not know they made Ashwagandha powder...... you throw it in a smoothie? or what is your process?

  • The vita biotics neurozan plus is a supplement purchased online or in most health food shops, contains htp, omega, etc plus lots of other vitamins. The Ashwagandha is disgusting so i just put in water drink very quickly amd follow with smoothie or coconut water! Im too cutting down my caffeine and using sweetener! Good luck :)

  • Ps I also cut out sweets, sugary stuff, started eating protein, coconut oil, green veg etc. Still allow myself hot choclate for now! I used to eat ice cream most weekends thats gone too i freeze coconut water in lolly ice makers with fruit inside! Good luck x

  • Those coconut water ice lollies sound like a fabulous idea!

  • vegetables and coconut, avacado & extra virgin olive oil have always been in my diet, but yes I gave up the sweets too. The pops sound good. Did you know they make cashew, coconut, rice and almond milk ice creams? They are tasty.

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