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Currently on 10 much of t3 following diagnosis of Hashimotis tho euthyroid. Only possible having gone privately. Main symptoms were depression and anxiety. These improved a bit tho note amon anti deps too. Anyway in recent weeks become exhausted. Comes in waves. I'm ok for a few hours then I feel like I have no power to the extent that I feel I have to make an effort to keep breathing. Got tsh and ft4 tested. The former came back at 0.98 (0.35-5.5) and latter 8.6 (7.86-14.41). Could this explain fatigue? Tested in the morning before taking t3 which I take in two doses of 5mcg st 8am and 3pm. About to see the same endo on nhs. What should I be asking? He had suggested taking st t4/t3 combo. What would that be?

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  • Not 10 much of t3 but 10mcg of course :-)

  • Halinka,

    You need to get T3 tested to assess if you are under medicated. T4 can drop when medicating T3 so although yours is low, this is not necessarily indicative of under replacement as TSH could be viewed as fine.

    Ask endo to test T3 or use private labs - link below.

    In many, thyroid meds will only work well with optimal iron, nutrients and cortisol levels. Have you had Vit B12, Vit D, folate and ferritin tested ? ? ....

    If you were undiagnosed for several years before medicating replacement, your adrenals will have supported low thyroid hormone levels and be suffering. Are you supplementing any support ? ? ..

    Also thyroid antibodies need to be kept low to avoid body inflammation. Depression and " air hunger" can both be symptoms of low thyroid hormone.

  • Hi Radd. I am still in the process of educating myself. Could you tell me what "air hunger " means. I am sure it's obvious but brain is a bit slow. Also, you mention keeping thyroid antibodies low. I have Hasimotos as well, I avoid Gluten. Is there anything else that I can do to keep antibodies low?

    Thank you


  • Jill,

    "Air hunger" is when you feel you aren't getting enough oxygen out of the air you breath.

    It can be accompanied by involuntary gasps and breathlessness. I suffered it for months and although it was eventually alleviated by optimal replacement meds, I still get it at night if thyroid hormones go low.

    Interestingly my oxygen saturation levels did not fall even during my worst episodes. Doctors do not recognise this condition but it gets mentioned in forums and I have read about it somewhere .... STTM book ( I think ? ..).





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    I haven’t measured my thyroid antibody levels for a while as they refused to lower for a long time. However, I now feel well and so assume they have reduced. I think going gluten free and supplementing copious amounts of curcumin bought me the greatest benefits.


    Curcumin benefits



    Curcumin reduces inflammation


  • That is really helpful. As this is exactly what I have been experiencing. I changed my mess from Levo the Thyroid Gold. Whilst I have felt much better in fact I have felt "well" in every other way. When I exercise I feel like I can't breathe. This has only started since changing to NDT. It has in the last week improved a bit so I wonder if it's just my body getting used to having T3.

    I will try the Curcumin. Thank you for your help

  • You shouldn't be exercising until your T3 is optimal because exercising uses up your T3, and that will make your breathing worse.

  • I did not know that. Thank you for that info.

  • You're welcome.

  • That is so interesting. Greygoose, can you advise on a book I should read where I can educate myself more on all of this.

  • Not really, no. None of the books I've read tell it all. You need to read several and put the pieces together. I have been reading different articles, by different people for about 15 years, and the comprehension just accumulates.

    But, if you're a complete beginner, I would start with Mary Shomon's Living Well with Hypothyroidism, for a good grounding. And then progress to Broda Barnes The Unsuspected Illness.

    Those two will give you a good grounding, that you can then build on. After that, there are so many books that have been written about thyroid - pity doctors never read any of them! - and everyone has their favourite. A lot of people like Your Thyroid and How to Keep it Healthy, but Dr Peatfield. But I haven't read that. :)

  • thanks

  • Rad: Thanks for the info on "air hunger", I have had this for a very long time (mostly at night) and never understood where it fitted into the whole picture. Makes perfect sense now, thanks.

  • hi Radd..Sorry I dont' mean to hi-jack this post.. but you mention the private labs link but I don't think you provided it? I've got a note to contact blue horizon, would you recommend anywhere else?

    also - what would support adrenals - my cortisol is low and thyroid antibodies high - I'm interested in supplements/diet to support body!

  • You need your free T3 result to see what is going on.

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