despair of results

despair of results

I give up on my bt results in feb I went for regular check did a bt got result just showed tsh of 10.4(0.2-4.0) the doctor said to up my levo from 100g to 125g for 3 months so after this results came back tsh 0.11{0.2-0.40)and t4 17.8(10.0-20.0) dr then said take 100g and 125g on alternate days during the 3months taking 125g every day felt really low and lethargic when taking 125g alternate days I got bad headaches and froggy voice on these days got bt done again on 21st this month just rang for results and was told by reception it only gives tsh and that was borderline and cannot get appointment for 4 weeks or telephone one till 5th july I said I am going to go back to taking 100g every day which I have been since Friday usually take 125 g on tues thurs and Saturdays have tred to post picture of results but not very techno minded

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  • Borderline what? Did you not get the exact number? The TSH is more or less irrelevant after you've started thyroid hormone replacement. It's only of interest if it's high. Doesn't matter how low it goes, the important one is the FT4, and you should insist on having that done every time.

    I think your doctor has been messing around with your dose unnecessarily. tsh 0.11{0.2-0.40)and t4 17.8(10.0-20.0) was fine, you didn't need to reduce your dose. But, he was only looking at the TSH, wasn't he. Silly man!

  • oh I did I was extremely hungry very low energy could not be on go for 2hours without having to sit down and weight probs as regards todays results when I asked for numbers the receptionist said it just says tsh was borderline am going to call in morning to see if I can speak to a doctor

  • You are legally entitled to a copy of your results. Don't take any nonsense from the receptionist! She isn't medically trained.

  • I have got a print out of last two just rang this morning for the results of bt done on 21st I have put other ones line will do these when I call in to get print out am trying to get to see or speak to doctor

  • Savvanah,

    What was the TSH result? Borderline could be 0.2 or 4.0.

  • I did ask what the tsh and t4 was she said it just gave tsh which just said borderline am going to ring in morning to see if I can either see or speak to a doctor

  • Your results in that image look great. Your fT4 is almost exactly 3/4 of the way up the range, but could still go higher - as there is no Ft3 there is no way to know if you are converting well or not. No need to reduce dose. TSH is really irrelevant when on meds. You moight want to ask Louise for a copy of the Dr Toft artiale explainiing that some people need top of the range Ft4 and suppressed TSH to feel well. If your GP tries to treat you by TSH, you will never be well - on a permanent roller coaster.

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