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Skewed results? - Blue Horizon

I did Blue Horizon a favour last week because they wanted to trial the new spot blood test. They sent me their thyroid 6 test free of charge to compare results and I am a bit worried by the results although I know they may well be skewed because of the time of day I did them (12hrs after I had my Levo). I didn't do the test properly as I would normally do because I didn't think they would send me the results and wanted the test only for comparison which is why I didn't bother getting up early to do it.

Am into my 3rd week on 125 from alternating between 75/100, taking at bedtime. My morning weight is around 8st 10lbs which works out that I should only be on 100 surely?

Anyway here are the results taking into account I had my Levo around 1-2am the night before the test and I had also eaten. Did test at 1.45pm

FT4 27.61 (12-22) - prev result last month 14.77

TSH 1.77 (0.27-4.20) - prev result last month 15.70

FT3 3.86 (3.1-6.8) - prev result last month 2.41

Nice surprise to see my FT3 has gone up though

How skewed would the results be? Not due to check my levels properly for a couple of weeks but as usual I am worried at seeing these

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Why are you worried? Had you done the test normally - early morning, fasting, 24 hours away from levo - your TSH would have been higher. It's pretty high as it is, for someone on thyroid hormone replacement, anyway.

Your FT4 might have been lower. But, that wouldn't change the fact that you're not converting - hardly at all. Your FT3 may have gone up, but it's still much, much too low. I thought you were starting T3...?


Hi greygoose my lovely, long time no speak, was hoping you would comment. I am worried because my T4 has gone over range again and I am not due to my "proper" test for a couple of weeks. Am worried if I stay on my current dose of T4 that it will just keep going up. I just don't know how to get myself right, am just up and down like a yo yo all the time with this Hashi's and so are my readings. I can't seem to get things on an even keel.

I actually feel as though I am overmedicating again, more crappy symptoms over the last few days but with the severe anxiety I have all the time I can't really say how much. My muscles and bones ache, more fatigue etc.

I am obviously quite sensitive to dosage changes as shown by the large drop in TSH. I messaged Clutter about it (bless her).

I have a real mental block on this t3, I just don't know why. It's just fear of it giving me more symptoms that I can't cope with because I have been in such a bad way now for so long. My GP actually gave me some Liothyronine 20mcg last week and said to take half daily but I think because of my fears I need to start at around 5mcg

Clutter recommends that because my FT4 is high again, to alternate between 100/125. If I want to start the t3, to skip my Levo for a couple of days, then start 100 along with some t3 (at bedtime)

What do you think?


I think she's right.

You have all these dreadful symptoms at the moment, because your FT3 is much, much too low. Don't worry about the FT4, it probably isn't that high, it's just that it was still in your system because you didn't leave 24 hours before the test. Even so, your FT4 is high because you aren't converting it to T3. It just hands around in your blood.

Don't stay on your present dose of T4 - and forget about the TSH - just do as Clutter says, lower it and add the T3. That's what you need most.

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