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The unknown connection between Adrenal Fatigue and TMJ - Temporo mandibular jaw issues!

Here in the UK the Poldark hero is about to grace our screens once more and warm the cockles of our hearts!

For me Poldark has a darker significance than just his gorgeous curly locks...

While watching the penultimate episode about 19 months ago if memory serves me correctly, I was eating at the time, and managed to bite down on my fork rather awkwardly and chipped a front too!

Shortly after within only a few days I started to experience piercing pain across the whole of my upper and lower jaw from the middle of my front teeth and lower teeth!!! Only the one side of my head- the left.

In the end even a mere drink of water, neither hot nor cold, but simply the effect of the water running over my teeth as I held it on my mouth ready to swallow, caused the most eye-watering spasm of nerve pain, which would last for anything up to half an hour at times. The pain was indescribable. It was as though my nerves going through every tooth on the left side of my head were on fire, with a constant electric current running through them.

Upon consulting the dentist I underwent numerous tests and xrays as by the time I saw the dental surgeon some months later the pain had escalated to focus even more in one tooth amongst all the others. There were no signs of decay or infection, so everybody was baffled. This has gone on, and on in varying degrees of intensity for the last 19 months.

The last visit to my very perplexed dental surgeon led to nothing further, merely that the only explanation he could offer was that I had a crack in the root of this one tooth that was not showing up on x-ray. I begged to differ.

The pattern of pain had evolved into something different.

I would get an even greater magnified pain spasm upto 20 - 30 minutes AFTER having eaten??? But by now, the pain had become SO intense I have even fallen to the floor writhing in near delirium.

The next thing I noticed was when getting up in the morning my big tooth on the RIGHT would not meet properly with my lower tooth beneath it- it would catch, as though my jaw was at an angle??!! As if a wedge on the LEFT was giving a bad contact on the RIGHT from the midway point? This is me again thinking in images.. thinking of doors and badly hung hinges!

With no help from the doctor, other than nerve-deadening pain killers- no thanks... And the dental surgeon saying I probably needed 'the tooth' out.. I started to think and research around the subject.

The idea of my jaw being wedged out of place on one side made me think 'inflammation' I researched 'inflammation in conjunction with thyroid and adrenal fatigue'...and found a fabulous post by the brilliant Chris KRESSER.

There is a connection!!!

Due to adrenal fatigue and in some cases complete exhaustion, our bodies are no longer are able to produce our own natural anti-inflammatory response...hence why all our joints ache and so much more hurts with us! This made perfect sense. Recent devastating events in my family have increased my stress levels....and my already high levels of adrenal support seemed to have become less effective... so it all added up.

Adrenal fatigue is connected to TMJ issues as Chris Kresser so perfectly explains.

The only intervention as such has been again a request on my part from my dentist for a rubber, moulded gum shield that I wear at night. I felt the benefits within a mere 24 hours of using it. It has taken the pressure off my jaw joint and is helping to protect me from the terribly teeth grinding in my sleep.

I also take curcumeric for its anti-inflammatory properties to help and I increased my adrenal support slightly.

As a result my tooth/nerve pain has decreased dramatically. I can EAT without pain after 19 months of near despair. I will not have my precious tooth ripped out! My general joint pain has decreased too, so I wanted to pass it on to other possible TMJ sufferers!

Happy eating!

Popsy ;o)

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Yes I'd read somewhere that teeth grinding or clenching was hypo issue.

I have mouth guard, after "phantom" terrible tooth pain with no obvious cause, earlier this year.

Dentist suggested it, I was extremely sceptical that it would help......but it's really fantastic.


For me its been a life saver!




Wow ... this is interesting . Not that I have jaw issues but interesting to learn of another problem caused by dysfunctional adrenals (& HPA axis dysregulation).

It kinda makes sense because pain in itself is a stressor.

I am pleased you have found an answer. I love curcumin and would say it is my "hero" supplement as feel so well when taking it.

Roll on sunday but be ready for HIM this time ! ! ! ....


Link to Chris Kresser's Jaw Pain article.


radd can I ask how you take your curcumin please?



I have taken various Curcumin supplements but the one that is most beneficial to myself is KappArest by Biotics Research Corp organised through a practitioner.

It contains Curcumin (turmeric), Boswellia & BioPerine, all known to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties which down regulate inflammatory pathways, and antioxidants and phytonutrient components.

It also contains: Propolis, Green Tea, Ginger, Rosemary, Celery, Alpha-Lipoid Acid (which I supplement in addition) & Trans-resveratrol (advocated by Datis Kharrazian). ,


Thank's radd

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I almost had to get the anti grinding gum shield I was so tense watching HIM!!

I made sure I was nowhere near a fork this time and ate beforehand!!


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Would a visit to a good osteopath be useful? They might help you to gently realign your jaw.


Sadly I have consulted in the past and the help has been minimal and no long lasting unfortunately.

But Thank-you for the suggestion.


I have posted about this elsewhere but when I was searching for explanations of my ever increasing jaw clenching( despite meditating and other stress lowering stuff) I found several references to bruxism and parasites.

Humaworm seems the best of the anti-parasite treatments, but it is hand made and comes from Canada, so I reckoned it would take 3-4 weeks to come. So I bought Elle-Belle Eliminateur and have been taking it for three weeks. My jaw is still stiff and tense, but most of the time its not actually clenched - and as a result its a lot less painful.


Ruthi your picture of the dog is really fabulous, very 'painterly'. Is it a pastel or a watercolour, I cannot quite tell!



That's my bridge baby Tiger, and it's watercolour. The artist is a lady called Liz Chaderton. She has a website Painting is only her hobby!


Wow, that is interesting!

I just love this site, there is so much information available, its like being able to tap into a supercomputer!! Thank-you Ruthi, I will investigate.

Many thanks!


I'm learning a lot through the humaworm Facebook group.


Just thought I would report back. I finished the 21 day course of Elle Belle Eliminateur about a week ago. Overall it wasn't too bad an experience, although I had terrible headaches which wouldn't go no matter how much water I drank. I probably should have taken activated charcoal and bentonite to soak up the toxins better. But head is fine now.

I didn't see much evidence of parasites, other than the little white 'sesame seeds' which are said to be eggs. But I do feel somewhat better than before.

What has happened is that my sugar cravings have been horrendous, and that has led me to investigate Candida - the subject of a different post.


Hi Ruthi,

This is very interesting- thank-you for your sharing of experiences.

I am currently embarking on a Kill Candida course - not a Kill Bill, but hopefully it will be just as efficient. Its a 3 month course prescribed by my very helpful and willing GP...So I will keep you posted too on this front. It is possibly best not to take the two courses simultaneously!

Good Luck,

Best Wishes,

Popps ;0)


What are you taking Poppy the Cat?


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