Optimum Vitamin Levels?


Can anyone advise on what levels of D3 and B12 are optimum please?

I recently had my levels tested and the only one that was too low was my D3. I think probably because I don't go out enough and I'm not keen on the sun anyway so sit under a parasol when I do.

I hadn't been taking B12 until I read here that we should, but I don't know what amount would be considered too much of either vitamin.

Thank you :)

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  • B12 optimal value is 1000, doctors don't tell you this (they only seem to do 'in range') but 1000 is apparently what the Pernicious Anaemia Society recommends. You can't overdose on B12 if supplementing as any excess is excreted.

    Vit D is considered replete, or adequate, at 75. However it's probably better to aim for 100 plus. If supplementing it's important to test once or twice a year because it's fat soluble and excess doesn't get excreted, it gets stored in the body. If GP won't test then for £28 a fingerprick blood spot test can be done privately with City Assays.

  • Thank you Susie, that's really helpful.

  • You need to take K2 with Vit D and or calcium x

  • Yes, I'd actually ordered some K2 on Amazon. It was delivered this morning. :)

  • Phew x

  • Surely that cannot be sarcasm Mango? ;)

  • No way just sheer relief that you had knowledge of them. I didn't until recently and my calcium levels went over range in my blood. Stupid doctors! I knocked the Adcal on the head that was being prescribed me by them. I take K2 mk7 every day now and my levels have gone back under and hopefully will get back to normal soon. Best Wishes and good health to you x

  • Thanks, actually to tell the truth I only found out about K2 from reading posts here quite recently.

    All the best to you too Mango. x

  • Lots of us have low vitamin D - seems to go with the "territory"!


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