Pituitary hypothyroidism

Dear all

I'm sorry, I'm not even sure if this is correct, however asking on behalf of a friend. His pituitary was badly damaged and consequently his thyroid is out of whack. He has also had cancer and other issues, including an inability to produce FSH and Testosterone and human growth hormone. Recently had an addison's crisis and I believe possibly a thyroid storm where he almost died.

Does anyone know of a specialist where he might be treated? His hospital are being very unco-operative and I am very scared that he could die. He is depressed by the hydrocortisone they have given him which is also causing terrible side effects, but they haven't given him an appointment to see someone who can change to another steriod.

Very grateful for any suggestions.

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  • It might help to state which part of the country your friend lives in.

    I'm horrified by what you say. Pituitary damage has such serious implications that surely this is a case of neglect.

  • I agree it's a disastrous situation. I don't know, I will find out.

  • Currently being treated at Addenbrookes! And I thought that was a centre of excellence. *facepalm*

  • why doesn't that surprise me!

  • Well what I know of them, I'm not surprised either. I really need someone to look at him before he does himself in though.

  • Maybe worth visiting:


    The owner is a member here: headinjuryhypo

  • Thanks, Helvella, have passed that on.

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