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Baby hypothyroidism?

My baby was ill with bronchilitus before Xmas at 12weeks old and the consultant was unhappy with the size of his soft spot so arranged bloods.

Results are:

Free T4 12.6 (7-16)

TSH 11.5 (0.2 - 5.5)

Repeated and still the same..

Is this hypothyroidism?

Seeing a consultant Monday but would like some other opinions.

His VitD is also 33 (50-150) is low vitD linked?

Also his alkaline phosphatase is elevated but has come down a bit.

He has a large soft spot and I'm sure he has a sunken nasal bridge, also an umbilical hernia and is also very pale. He is always bunged up too. Gained weight quickly but slowing now. Was very jaundice after birth too. But seems happy and healthy. Is he going to have problems as he grows older??

Really worried mummy.

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I really don't know but am sure someone will come along and be able to help soon. Until then take good care and try and focus on the Monday meeting and write down all your questions. X


Thank you. I've wrote a list of questions just hope they answer them.

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Welcome to the forum, Lynds555 but I'm sorry it's because of concern for your baby son's health. Elevated TSH on repeat testing usually rules out non-tthyroidal illness and does indicate your son is hypothyroid. He'll be prescribed Levothyroxine to replace low hormone which you'll need to crush and dissolve in water to administer. There's absolutely no reason why he shouldn't go on to lead a happy, healthy and normal life like other children as long as he takes the Levothyroxine every day. An early diagnosis can be fortuitous as Levothyroxine will prevent development problems and your son won't have to suffer hypothyroid symptoms until someone clicks and thinks to test thyroid. Bloods will have to be monitored but once stable will probably be once or twice a year.

Vitamin D is often low in hypothyroid patients due to malabsorption but I'm not sure if that is applicable to infants. If your own vitamin D is low you may not have had sufficient vitD to pass to your son so please have your own checked. I think it is encouraged that children under 5 supplement vitD3 drops in milk but your son's endo or GP will advise how much he needs.

The link below has posts about children and thyroid. Please let us know how you get on Monday.


His skin is really bad having to use my 3year olds double base gel for his eczema. Shocked how bad it was on such a young baby. So nervous to see the consultant tomorrow. He's my 3rd boy and everyone said "bet u wish for a girl" I said "no just a healthy baby" hmmm.... This isn't what I expected. My eldest had a rare benign really invasive tumour that grew in his face and has lost half his top jaw and teeth... Thought I'd had my fair share of hospitals with that.

Also getting blood out my baby has been so horrendous they are awful at it and he doesn't bleed well either its so traumatic for us both.

Feeling so sad


There is not enough information here, on those tests to determine if your child is Hypothyroid. The ft4 is just about mid not horrible. TSH could be elevated ...because of the illness. TSH is a Pituitary marker. Will the doctor do a ft3 also? If that is high enough it will mean that he converts well and is not Hypo.


I'm sorry that you are having such a hard time of it. TSH alone, is a poor marker for Hypothyroidism, is what i am trying to say. Although it is high, does not mean Hypothyroidism, without more testing.


Oh OK this is good to know I will ask about FT3 test. What would I hope that to be... Or not be!?


So the consultant feels he does not need medication and is not hypothyroid as his FT4 is normal. Being retested in 4-6weeks


Somewhere in the upper 2/3 of the range, but some people's labs look great and they feel bad and are Hypothyroid anyway. It is a very complicated issue and i am so sorry that you are going through this with a baby.


Lynds, that is good news. I'm sorry if my reply frightened you and hope the retests are normal.


I'm still a little confused as to why his TSH is elevated and am sure I read on Google (I know I shouldn't!) That normal t4 and high tsh indicates hypothyroidism but doc was adamant its not just said keep testing to hopefully see it return to normal and as long as T4 doesn't drop


Today the preschool pulled me aside.... My 3year old has a really swollen neck I hadn't noticed :( and looks like he has a fat neck. She said she had this and was thyroid which she had removed. I said this is shocking as been back and forwards to hospital with baby regarding thyroid!! :( off to GP later to get him checked!


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