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NDT and Aspirin

I've been trying to research and I think aspirin lowers the levels of thyroid hormones in the blood and thyroid hormones make the blood platelets less sticky like aspirin does. Is this right?

So, I'm now on 3 grains NDT and had been continuing with my low dose aspirin which I've been taking for donkey's years. Spontaneous bruising started again so I stopped the aspirin and the bruises are clearing quickly.

But now I think I may be over-replaced with NDT as my pulse has shot up to 90 something (usually around 60-70),

So I'm thinking of reducing NDT to 2.5 and bringing the aspirin back on board (my security blanket).

Does this thinking make sense or am I totally confused-dot-com again?

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Link onto: Can Ibuprofen and Aspirin Affect Your Thyroid? through Google. There you'll find comforting evidence. However, if you are on very high-dose aspirin daily this can affect your FT4 (downwards but still in range), but the levels have to be very big for e.g. rheumatoid arthritis alleviation.


Thanks x


Here in the US, the FDA has just put out a new warning about all nsaids, saying that the cause Strokes and Heart attacks. Why do you think you need aspirin?


Years ago it was advised to take a low dose aspirin a day if a parent had heart attacks/strokes. Crikey, now the advise is the opposite, is it?


I've just checked out the news and the warnings are for non-aspirin nsaids.


I thought it applied to Aspirin as well. There is no need to take an Aspirin, in your case, i just hope it doesn't cause you problems someday. Recently a friend of ours had to have his Cancer tests postponed, for months, due to his regimen of low dose Aspirin, that he took because he thought it would keep his heart healthy or something. They thinned his blood so much, that it was not safe to do surgery.

I was also told to take it to ward off strokes.


oh dear, not good!


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