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Correlation between taking contraceptive pill and TSH?

Has anyone else noticed a correlation between taking the contraceptive pill and their TSH levels? When I'm NOT on the pill (have tried several varieties), my TSH level is high (<0.2) and consistent with hypERthyroidism, rather than the hypOthyroidism I have been diagnosed with. As soon as I go back on the pill, my TSH level drops closer to 2.

A GP had suggested that the pill could cause hypOthyroidism, but I also have PCOS, for which the treatment is the pill - so feel a little stuck here. Wondered if anyone else had similar experience?

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It's been known for decades that contraceptive pills lower TSH which can mask hypothyroidism.


Depends if you have HYPER symptoms.


estrogen in the pill makes the thyroid meds less efficient so people that take estrogen sometimes have to take higher meds, progesterone is good for the thyroid so if estrogen is in your pill...that is why....


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