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Understanding the interaction between Hypothyroidism and neuropathy


I'm trying to understand the results from my tests which revealed that I have a TSH level of 7.4 and a T4 level of 15, however my thyroid antibody is apparently normal at 20. I also have high cholesterol.

I have peripheral neuropathy which was stable for the last 4 years being treated with B12 injections. A recent deterioration coincides with the high TSH level which my GP seems to want to monitor, but the neurological consultant at the hospital today said it should be treated.

Looking on the internet seems to indicate hypothyroidism can contribute/cause neuropathy. I am now worried about this. Has anyone any experience with this?

Thanks for any help.

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Welcome to the forum, Sue21.

Antibodies 20 means you are negative for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's).

TSH 7.4 should certainly be treated. FT4 15 is respectable but TSH is flogging your thyroid to produce FT4 15. High cholesterol is common in hypothyroidism and before blood tests was one of the symptoms by which hypothyroidism was diagnosed. Cholesterol will probably drop when you are euthyroid which is when TSH is around 1.0.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Thanks Clutter.

The links were interesting and will help with my next visit with the Doctor.

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Hi Peripheral Neuropathy is normally diabetes, have a blood test.



I do believe that lack of thyroid hormone can cause the deterioration of nerve endings in extremities - well, that's what I was told. I firmly believe I've been hypo most of my life, but I'm pretty sure my neuropathy began at the age of 27, when I started walking into walls - my brain didn't know were my feet were! Of course, doctors said it was nothing, there was nothing wrong with me, as usual.

I think the low B12 came later, but that has been devastating - and my doctor told me that low B12 wasn't a problem. Of course. It is all getting better now I'm self-treating on T3 and B12, but I think there will always be a problem of some sort. Honestly, it's a Wonder I'm not dead with the doctors I've had! :)


hi Sue I was diagnosed Hypo 2000, had spontaneous aneurysm/brain haemorrhage 2013. I'd had many years of difficult personality and marriage problems (perhaps that caused the personality changes or not) How ever I've been looking into all my health things over my lifetime which started with a tb neck gland op when I was a baby.

I definitely think there is a connection between my past and the present. Including effects of brain jnjury. Doctor not considering any of my research relevant, neither are the Thyroid or My (unspecified) cirrhosis Specialist - both said they only specialise in those organs, my other health history irrelevant

Sorry as far as me and my research are concerned it's VERY relevant.

You listen to your Neurological Consultant, what do GP's know, they are not Specialists!

oops sorry, welcome to the Forum......x


In the UK:

Its nice to hear from people who at least understand what the waiting is like. Its a form of torture : waiting whilst things get worse knowing it will never get better.

Spoke to my doctor's practice today and they cannot give me an appointment for 4 weeks and 2 days so I have a phone appointment in 7 days time (this is this earliest - glad I've not had a heart attack , well I suppose my doctor did at least do the thyroid test (unbeknown to me )- even if my doctor did nothing about them?? )

So, more deterioration whilst waiting - wonderful. I had to wait 5 months from when I saw my doctor to say my neuropathy was getting worse, until seeing the specialist - all that time my irreversible condition becoming worse and worse.

Sorry if this may sound like a whinge fest but it is actually quite frightening as I have lost more reflexes which means motor, as well as sensory damage.

BUT Thanks everyone for your input.



Welcome to the forum. Feel free to whinge away, we (nearly) all do and we all understand the need to let off some steam from time to time (my time is usually thrice weekly).

I've been a member for a couple of months and have felt supported and listened to, it's been a sanity-saver for me - I hope that you find it useful and helpful too.



Tsh of 7.4 combined with high cholesterol and low b12 =HYPOTHYROID

time your gp got educated and stopped sitting on their bum and treated you correctly


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