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Blood test results: whether to raise T4 and T3?

Have just had my blood results back. Last T4 24 hrs ago and T3 14 hrs ago. My T4 is at 50% of the range and T3 at 70%. Do I need to increase either of them? All my Vitamins and minerals are high in range. No CRP or antibodies.

TSH <0.005 (0.27-4.20)

FT4 17.15 (12-22)

Total T4 85.3 (64.5-142.0)

FT3 5.68 (3.1-6.8)

Thanks for reading

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The big question is : how do you feel? If you feel well at that dose, then leave it at that. If you feel you need an increase, then increase the T3 by about half a tablet. And see how you feel.



FT4 is more than mid-range which is very good when taking T4+T3 combination and FT3 is in the upper third of range, close to top of range. Unless you are symptomatic there's no need to change anything.


Thanks Clutter and Greygoose, as I feel very well at the moment. I think I shall stay on my present meds. I did try a very small increase in T3 by increasing my last dose to 6.25mcg but I got the buzzing head and headache so I dropped back to my previous dose.

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