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I'm hyper HYPERTHYROID and overweight....I can't seem to lose weight

I'm scheduled for radioactive iodine treatment in three weeks and I'm already overweight. I'm terrified that I will gain huge amounts of weight, but I have to have the treatment. I've struggled with weight issues from being anorexic to being overweight, and I am so worried that I will now have to go back to one apple a day and still get fat....I have been on 1200 cal per day to lose weight as I need a hip replacement also and this is going to leave me crippled....

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It would be interesting to see your blood test results.

Why are you having RAI?

Have you had thyroid cancer?

Have you previously been on carbimazole or some other treatment for overactive thyroid? If yes, for how long?

If you haven't had cancer and did okay on carbimazole you can continue on carbimazole if you want to. Nobody can force you to go through with the RAI treatment, and they aren't allowed to stop treating you even if you don't do what they want.


I so agree with you humanbean...and wish I'd been wiser years ago. I would never have had RAi (twice!!). x


I feel for you. I'm trying to lose weight but don't have a thyroid problem. My mum struggled for years and she had underactive thyroid and diabetes. She said even if she just lived on lettuce leaves she would not lose weight. I've joined slimming world and am enjoying the fact that it's not calorie controlled. Quite enjoying it and love the food I can eat. Also I find going to the group very supportive as usual don't feel like you're on your own. It must be hard to think positive given what you've said but if you act positively then you might get a pleasant surprise. At worst it cant do any harm to keep eating healthily. All the best and don't give up! Regards Catherine Livingston ps I hope you don't think I'm being patronising as I really am not in your shoes but I just wanted to try and help/support you😊


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