Orange soles of feet

A bit of a worry for a worrier.  I woke up this morning to soles of feet that look like I made a mistake with fake tan.  They look rusty orange.  Complete soles of both feet/

This has scared me because I have no reason I can think of to have caused this. Obviously I have googled this and it says something about it being related to hypothyroidism which I have.

Does or has anyone experienced thjs and what do I do?  

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I had it as a teenager but I wasn't aware it meant anything..


I developed orangey palms and fingers, and the underside of fingers looked waterlogged and wrinkly after thyroidectomy.  Gradually faded around a year or so after I was optimally medicated and just the fingers on the left hand remain looking a bit wrinkly.

Yes I know what this is...................any food containing Vitamin A - beta carotene is not being metabolised correctly due to your thyroid issues.  Not serious - drink more water and if you are taking supplements then watch the Vitamin A content - your metabolism is weak so you probably need more thyroid hormone but I am not a Dr so please take advice - this is a suggestion.........

It has happened after I have been drinking tart cherry juice which I believe is high in beta-carotene.  I can only imagine it's that?  If I eat beetroot my urine is red and I was told that was to do with my liver not being able to metabolise beetroot colour.  I wonder if this is connected to the same thing.?  I also wonder if its safe to continue drinking the cherry juice as it has  properties useful for me.

I have permanently orangey knuckles but have got used to it now!

I remember weaning my daughter on to solids and reading that babies who are fed lots of carrots can get little orange noses! 

Yes I have it too, it looked as if my feet were sore underneath, Im pretty sure its just one of the many strange symptoms that go with being hypo...dont worry any more....   

I guess Im worried that if I have a high amount of beta carotene in my body that I can't metabolise that it is causing harm?

I used to get this, prior to thyroid treatment, when I drank carrot juice daily. Everything I've ever read says it's harmless. Here's a thorough webpage on it:


I've no idea what this is, but I'm impressed you can see the soles of your feet! Haven't seen mine for years!

Hi Numberone1,

 I have had an orange rusty tint to the soles of my feet for many years, probably started in my early twenties and it has always bothered me and left me wandering why ! I don't drink or eat large ammounts of Orange coloured food and am currently awaiting more blood tests for thyroid. Posthinking01s reply seems plausible because I have always taken cod liver oil which I believe contains vit A. 

Unless you have been going barefoot in new tan shoes 😉 it could indeed be the cherries.  It could be an indication that you need zinc or it could be a sign of the sluggish liver that plagues those with hypothyroidism

Having said that, for anyone otherwise healthy, the condition is harmless.

What benefit would Zinc be to this?  Do you think it indicates I have a shortage of zinc?

No, personally, I think you have hypothyroidism and have been eating too many cherries but zinc deficiency plays a part in the absorption of retinol so it could show up in your skin.

I am hypo but possible not taking enough of my medication.

The orange hue is fading, albeit not a hue, quite strongly coloured actually, but it is a hue now and I have stopped drinking the cherry juice.  It will be interesting when it is gone for me to start again and see if it happens.

Well, for what it is worth, I too went orange when I was about 20 (and healthy), it was due to eating too many carrots, I ate one every day with my sandwich lunch for years and years - I loved carrots! But it was only my face that went orange, not my feet. 

I remember an endocrinologist inspecting the palms of my hands years ago add then asking me if I liked carrots. There is something in carrots that we can't metabololize properly that turns the palms of our hands orange. Probably the same with the soles of our feet. 


It should get converted into vitamin A - but that conversion process is impaired in hypothyroidism. So you can end up both a) orange; b) low in vitamin A (hypovitaminosis A).

Note: Vitamin A supplementation needs care and attention. Yet again, it isn't as simple as it might seem.

Yes apparently it can show in palms too.  I don't have that and have never had feet before which is why it scared me.  As I said, a worrier.

Yup, orange palms and soles of my feet.  It hasn't corrected itself since starting on NDT.

Yes, you may be low in A, get your A from fish oil, or supplements which are not beta carotene derived. Poor night vision is one sign of A deficiency.

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