What planet GPs

What planet GPs

after only having been on Vit D a month and then requesting a repeat, the GPs receptionist called and said "GP wants you to have a blood test to see if you need anymore" ???? On those results above, because they won't have anything different from the Blue Horizon one, as the last one for GP was done same arm same time?? So as these were my results and I've only had Vit d tablets a month what are they expecting??? Any thoughts or help appreciated as I'm stunned.... X

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  • I really can't put what I'd like to put because I'd be banned. Your GP is a prize idiot. No idea what dose he put you on but when I had my (private) Vit D result mine was 15 as well. I started on 40,000iu Doctor's Best D3 daily for about 3 weeks then went on to 5,000iu daily. In two months my Vit D had gone up to 202. I reduced to a maintenance dose of 5,000iu daily on Monday to Friday only and now my Vit D sits nicely at 152. I've dropped the dose down to 3 days a week at the moment because we've been having some sun lately (although I don't sit out in it), and I will repeat my City Assays Vit D test around September/October and see where it is then and I expect I will go back to 5,000iu Monday to Friday again.

    If I were you I'd forget about your GP and Vit D. Just do it yourself. Easy enough to do a finger prick spot test with City Assays for £28 once or twice a year and a decent D3 supplement isn't mega expensive. Don't forget you need K2 when taking D3, you can get combined supplements or separate ones.

  • He's put me, but here's the daft thing my neighbour who just felt under the weather and didn't have a deficiency on Pro d3 10.000 every other day for the month... So 15 doses or tabs... I have been using my own sublingual d3 and k2 as well as he NEVER mentioned the k2!!!

  • They don't know about the K2. Doctors know next to nothing about nutrients.

  • Hi greygoose, one of our GP's is always trying to privately sell me supplements!! also she pushes her private practice. x

  • Just because she's trying to sell them, doesn't mean they're the right supplements - methylcobalamin, not cyanocobalamin, etc. It doesn't mean she knows what she's doing, just that she's understood that there's money to be made in supplements!

  • My thoughts exactly.x

  • They don't mention the K2..I was prescribed Adcal and on one blood test it showed my blood calcium as over range. I ditched the Adcal and added K2. Calcium in blood had gone below range on the last test. I think it takes some time to get it out of the blood.

  • @SeasideSusie made me laugh.

    If you don't to do everything yourself see if you can find the vitamin D protocol for your nearest NHS trust or healthboard online. Then direct the GPs attention to it, though the GP can actually phone up the haematology department of the trust and they will direct him to their advice.

    Anyway none of the ones I've seen recommend adults should be tested after a month. They all recommend 6 months.

    The only other recommendation I've seen is for a 3 monthly test in adults to see that they are adhering to the regime and are absorbing vitamin D.

  • There you are... Is it their own test they dispute or mine from Blue Horizon... All done at the same time.... X

  • I've self censored my rude questions to your doctor about doing his degree himself.

    All I can politely say is the doctor needs to choose one result and do his treatment from that. Being cautious I would choose the worse ones.

  • What is causing your LOW B12 - that is one of the lowest I have seen and that includes the PAS forum. Do you have PA ? Is your GP doing further testing ? Are you now supplementing .... ??

  • I will post this there... It's pointless doing the IF test as you know it's 50 50... You may recall they are giving me one injection every 2 weeks for 4 the 3 months after that... Not good enough I know, but I have ordered b12 to do myself... Martyn said Essex is the worst range wise.. So I shall inject when it gets here and see if it helps.. I use b complex and Solgar b12 tabs 1 of each daily... 😊

  • I am being precrIbed Adcal D3 at present,but didn't know about the K2

    should I be taking it?

  • Yes. And probably the last thing you need is calcium ... you're more likely to be magnesium deficient and vit D uses up magnesium when converting to a usable form.

  • Yes donnabrain. I am exactly in the same place as mango_555, infact we have chatted about it. I asked my GP about K2 having been put D3 sometime earlier by Prof Weetman and was told it is included! GP told me that, Prof Weetman didn't mention it and I knew nothing about it then but just ordered some to arrive this week and can't wait to get started having read how wonderful it is! Door bell just rang and postman so fingers crossed!

    Bother it wasn't but yet again doctors not getting it right! On the thing about sending again after a month I wondering whether there has been done confusion that the results hadn't been typed in yet so the doctor was reminding you to go as wasn't aware you had! Just a thought! Another rang me up once to say I had better have a test when in actual fact because I had a copy letter to GP and she was away I arranged it myself I think the other one opened the post and decided he fm had better act on it be was rather relieved I had done it!

  • It took me over 6 months to fnally get my Vit D tested - the GP asked the lab but the lab just did not do it as they said there was "insufficient evidence" to test. When they finally did test it, it was in my boots. I knew nothing and was given capsules of 600 something or other.

    I have been taking them for over 6 months now, and asked for another test to be told "you have had that test once, we dont do it twice". What? I asked if I was supposed to take them for life and was told probably! Apart from the lack of care, if this is common, think of the money wasted!

  • You sound like me, serenfach - I had to beg to get tested in the first place, they stalled for months despite many symptoms, and I didn't know that you could get tested privately at the time.

    I tested very deficient, was given supplements for several months, still had symptoms, begged for a re-test, was tested deficient again, had my supplements increased (I later found out that I wasn't on nearly enough even then) - they won't test me any more because I "must be alright by now". Private testing showed that I wasn't, but I now self-source a better quality vitamin D/K2 supplement.

    It's worked out OK for me because I now know what to do, but I despair for all those suffering people out there who accept what their doctors say.

  • I'm just very perplexed at what he thinks he'll find after a month! I would be grateful if I thought a result may inform us we should ease back, but even I know that is not possible on that dose and with the level I have... I'm already at odds over the b12 thing I had no idea I may have to fight for right levels in everything... Again, I can and have bought some before he gave me, but when will anyone help you with anything if you are constantly going to have to private test him and row with him over everything? I guess my ? Is has anyone else had to be retested at that level after so little time and medication?

  • I wasn't tested after starting supplements for months - and the only reason they agreed was because I was still having symptoms. They certainly wouldn't have offered it otherwise.

    Having had two NHS tests now, they refuse to test me at all, even if I have symptoms, and even though I still have vitamin D supplements on a repeat prescription (I have absorption problems, and the doctor thinks I need to take it permanently). I don't bother getting the NHS prescription any more though, as I source my own (better) supplements now. I also get private blood tests done.

    And no, I shouldn't have to do any of this, but I wasn't improving on the NHS and can't be doing with the continual battling.

    Maybe just cancel the blood test appointment and tell the receptionist that you need to be on the supplements for longer. The doctor probably won't even know.

  • Is your level severely deficient? Then you should demand to be referred to a haemotolgist.

    If it's just insufficient (above 25nmol/L) they don't care. You will feel like poop but as you won't be breaking bones they know they can get away with ignoring you and refusing to test you.

    In regards to taking vitamin D for life everyone found deficient or insufficient is advised to supplement for life, unless they significantly change their lifestyle. Unfortunately the NHS won't monitor you so it's up to you to work out what maintenance doses you need.

    BTW by significantly change you either have to move to a country with more sun or become a lifeguard/gardener so you are outside all the time in summer as vitamin D is made by the skin.

  • Thanks, bluebug. My level is no longer severely deficient, because I am on loading doses again. I seem to struggle even if I go out in the sun (I first tested deficient after two weeks in the sun!)

    I now accept that my GP isn't bothered about nutrient deficiencies (and it does annoy me), but now deal with them myself with the help of a very good private nutritionist, and private blood tests and supplements. That's fine for me, but unfair on all the other patients who still believe that their doctor is looking after them.

  • People have to learn themselves what the NHS is good for.

  • Could you please let me know d/k2 supplement you are using. Thanks

  • I take NutriAdvanced D3 drops with K2 (it was recommended by my nutritionist). Hope that helps :)

  • mine is Michael's naturopathic Programs.. D3 5000iu with k2.... Sublingual.. Amazon... Have no idea if they are any good ... Hoping someone will say if not

  • GPs hate anything "not invented here". After I produced my BH results for ferritin, mine insisted on doing another NHS test - the result was even lower, but he maintained he couldn't prescribe iron until I'd been referred to gastroenterology - so many tests later I got a prescription. All that wasted money!

  • I have the same thing Gastro appt but not until November!! But this testing after 1 box of d3? I think I will take another private blood test at that time... I honestly feel like not consulting them anymore, which seems dangerous to me!

  • I ended up with a colonoscopy, a barium swallow, and radio active thingy for bile acid diarrhea - and one box of ferrous fumarate and a leaflet on fibre (which, considering I'm a vegan and everything I eat contains fibre, was a bit pathetic really). GP didn't even bother to ask about diet as a possibility for low iron. At least I got the tests quickly - a couple of weeks at most.

    For most nutritional things I wouldn't bother with the GP unless you really need to get the prescription free (and you're on levo so you get free prescriptions). I think the prescription charge for iron and D3 is higher than just buying an equivalent. I'd just get the city assays vit D test done at the end of the summer, then again at Easter to see what the winter does to you.

    By the time you've faffed around taking time off work to go to the doc, you might as well spend £28.

  • I didn't ask for the D I'd already bought Solgars but when I produced the private test, asking was he ever going to call me in as I'd done their blood test at the same time... He offered the pathetic jabs and d and Folate and Gastro... Never mentioned the CRP which I understand is probably the worst part I have on the test!! Nothing for Ferritin... I don't care about him giving me the stuff I just wanted his thoughts lol and help... I actually wish I hadn't bothered.. I'm strangely happy it'snit terminal and I can treat myself... I'd be beside myself if I had to rely on him... 😊

  • Oh, I did get a SIBO test as well, forgot that one - of course they were all normal - they always are.

    At least you are getting a few jabs. Gastro might find something useful, you never know, and visits to nuclear medicine are always interesting - the staff seem very happy to explain it all.

  • Only comment I'd make is if you have an over-zealous GP I'd appreciate that and hold on to him/her, you're more likely to find it a benefit in the long run.

  • My response to that is that they clearly don't understand things to want to test so soon... Or it's an exercise to override my BH test..

  • Well Scorpiojo, I see where you are coming from yet think that if you had my GPs, who refuses almost every request I make and leaves me with low T3 and ferritin right at the bottom or below range, you might think yours would in future be just what you need. I'd keep appreciative of a GP like yours, even if not too well informed at least he/she is trying for you.

  • Or disputing the problem

  • At some point when you have optimal levels so not now, I would ask your GP straight out if he has problems with you having private tests and giving him the results.

    Mine are quite happy when I do private tests as I save them money.

  • That's what you would hope eh... I don't even want to go this route, and I do worry for those that can't afford it.. It's ok people saying they can't know it all or aren't Holland and Barrett... But if you dish out Folate or d make sure you give the person the k2 and whatever else or how are they helping... I'd love to go somewhere good re vit nutritionist but I've asked if there are any here in Essex and there wasn't an answer so I am guessing there isn't as people here are great helping... I'll keep taking these tablets I bought and test in another two months even if I do the GPs 😊 x

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