I miss levo

Only joking but I don't like having BO

even.when I've washed I can still smell it

Alsowhat can cause incontinence some days in ok and then I stand up and it just comes out like I've no feel I g at all.

I.have terrible. Tinnitus and the crack in the neck thing have looked on previous post from 3 years ago about the cracking and popping

I am on ndt just started but low iron

taking supplement

still have pains in lower.legs burning feet. And a bad back and stomach.pain.liksomeone cutting me I half have been like this for weeks now.

any suggestions

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  • Ha ha! I miss levo! You make me laugh kjc1tisdell :) Are you peri menopausal?? The leaky wee thing can happen during this time. Hmm quite shocking eh? lol I have had tinnitus it was awful and I was nearly deaf with it, and I get the cracking in the back of the neck which is really scaring me lately! I have the back pain and the stomach ( ovary area ) pain. I'm not copying you I really do have all these :) Sorry not much help but Snap!!!

  • My last period was November or December 2015 .have been in hell with menopause. Tried hrt but just got fatter. Tried progesterone just got fatter. But it is the up and down and thyroid can't keep up. Have friends same age going through it. But they can get up every morning and go for a run then go off to work. There me in my brain fog can barely walk up or down stairs too tired to even shower probably why I smell. Adrenals all over the place. Sorry just took a bitter pill. My 75 year old mom does better than me and she's on levo but always cold. Do you also have a problem with your left shoulder ears and clicking jaw. I even got pins and needles in my eyebrows what the he'll. I bet Angelina j Ollie isn't having these problems lol.😂

    lol kate

  • I was just going to buy a new mattress but I don't think this is the answer. This will make you laugh. My job when I was well was a physiotherapist and I have no idea what is wrong with me. The bad back is making braething difficult I have been seeing a physio my self but even she is giving up. I read some where that levo can give you calcium spurs so I take magnesium. I have had parathyroid checked but they came back ok. But should have maybe got results and posted. Because what gp class as normal are not compared with tuk guidelines.

    lying in bed pains in legs and ringing in the ears.

    good night God bless😴

  • Hi kjc1tisdell , I was out for the count last night, sleeping much better lately, I don't know if it's the T3 or what but if it is then wow it works quick! I actually really do have a problem with my left shoulder and my ears! Seriously I am not joking! My left shoulder has gone very weak but most of the pain is in the very top of my arm, keep thinking I'm heading for a heart attack or something. My ears crack and pop a bit like what goes on in the back of my neck but more subtle. I know for a fact that that is levo cos it never happened before. I don't have a cracking jaw but I do find that I tense it a lot and probably look like a corpse when I'm going to sleep. My mum is also 75 with more energy lol. She's got a better social life than me and still gets dressed up and goes out and sings in the pubs! She definitely thinks I'm a demic, she's not hypo but my dad was. Don't get pins and needles in my eyebrows but get them in my boobs! Lol EPO is helping. Anyway, I reckon you will feel much better once you get the NDT right, hope so! Get those parathyroid results here, you know it makes sense. Myself I am hopeful about the T3, I really am, if not then onto the thyroid s for me, Good luck :)

  • Hi Kjc, I have followed health blogs for many years and haven't really seen good solutions for odor problems but recently read something interesting on Suzy Cohen's website. She is a pharmacist and mentioned probiotic soap by Dr. Iurui. I can't say I have real evidence but of course, odor is caused by bacteria and probiotics and prebiotics are something I would concentrate on experimentally. Perhaps you have already tried antibiotic soaps.

    Your NDT should eventually help your symptoms but you may need betaine or digestive enzymes for your stomach ailments.

  • It's not as if I have any hair in my arm pits I have the holes but nothing in them.



  • B12? Parasites? Bile acid diarrhea? Unbalanced hormones? Kidney, liver or gall bladder problems? Ask for a referral to gastroenterology.

  • Thanks waiting for a poo sample result.



  • Get some mitchum deoderant, roll on is better seriously it stops all sweat it is amazing stuff . My daughter excessively sweats and this is the only thing that works.

  • Thankyou very helpful will try it. This is a new thing for me during menopause I find it very unpleasant.

  • As Angel of the North suggested - B12. Some of the symptoms you describe are on the B12 deficiency list. Have you had your B12 checked? Pins and needles, tiredness, brain fog, tinnitus and incontinence are all on the B12 deficiency list. Can't talk about the BO though, sorry, although B12 def has such a wide range of seemingly unconnected symptoms who knows!

    Have a look at the list of symptoms...


    Sorry, don't know how to do the link so it shows in blue, you'll need to copy and paste :)

    Good luck in your recovery x

  • I take a 5000 meth b12. I am under range but not that bad my husband is a lot lower than me.



  • Thankyou my b12 is just short of mid range and of course gp say is normal but I still have symptoms I take 5000mg.


  • I see when I clicked 'submit' it came up in blue anyway :)

  • The links fine??

  • When I went to bed on Sunday night I I took 5mg t3 and when I woke up all everthing had disappeared. Tonight around about 10.00 pm the neck thing came back with horrible awful tinnitus and feeling sick. Might take another 5mg to see what happens. Around about 2pm today I had lovely energy and managed to get into a size10 pair of jeans. Then took the dogs a walk. Then started to drip with sweat on the walk I could feel myself getting fatter and fatter omg couldn't wait to get home and put a pair of cotton pyjamas on size 50.



  • lol ! You're lucky you can still get in the 10 even if it isn't for a full day. Sounds like that bit of T3 does you good :) another full night's sleep for me. amazing!

  • You could try rubbing a slice of lemon over your armpits instead of deodorant - I just read this recently and it does seem to work!

  • Don't laugh at her missing Levo - I went from Armour to ERFA and then T4 and managed to get my health back to almost normal. I found that the NDT caused me to run too fast due to the T3 in it that I obviously didn't need - which neurologically causes the wee issues.

  • Sorry just read your post again................dripping with sweat is definitely overmedication of T3 - I had the same - I would drip with sweat doing the housework - literally dripping off me - and bright red face - and the ear pain is the blood pressure going too high - and then walking or whatever - it is the kidneys heart etc under pressure - I haven't had the problem since I came off combined T3 meds - I suffered with this and the rushing to go to the loo and the gushing wetting myself before I got there - all due in my opinion to the T3. I was like this for nearly 10 years and could kick myself for not realising. All stopped now.

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