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Hi, all...I have to go to the lab on the 24th of June to have my thyroid level tested. I've been on levo. for 6 week at that point. My doctor has me on 25mcg of levo and I'm not really noticing any difference yet. Should I take the levo. pill on the day of the test or skip it, so the reading of TSH will be higher? I'll go first thing in the morning, which was the greatest advice I have ever gotten on this blog! My doctor won't test for any other thyroid "stuff," unfortunately... Thank you so much for your advice!

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  • Sweetsusie,

    Fast (water only) on the morning of your blood test as TSH drops after eating and dancing*. Take your Levothyroxine tablet after your blood draw.

    *meant to say drinking not dancing :-D

  • Roger..willco, Clutter! Thanks so much!

  • Dancing??? I'm speechless! lol I'll never do the tango again before my blood test!

  • No dancing for me, greygoose!

  • lol

  • GG,

    Lol! Impressed if you have the energy and stamina to Tango!

  • At seven in the morning? You've got to be joking! It's a miracle I can get out of bed!

  • Clutter just made a typo, greygoose. HAHAHAAHAA!

  • Thank you greygoose.....I was having a really bad day and you gave me a good giggle and a smile.

  • HAHA!! I wondered where greygoose got that I danced in the morning! I can barely get out of bed in the morning!!

  • lol I was wondering who did the research!

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