Where to store NDT?

Good morning folks . I would like a bit of advice storing tablets .

I have just received my second delivery of WP thyroid from the U.S. As I have still got possibly a month or so left of the first batch and stored them in the coolest room in the house , the warm weather has even arrived in our little corner of the Northeast lol .

Can I store them in the fridge , I think it's Ruthi who has a stock in the freezer .


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  • Pinkpeony,

    You can store it in airtight containers in the fridge or freezer.

  • Clutter

    Thanks for that .

  • I like to keep some in the freezer too. Its great and the defrost is a matter of a few hours.

  • Very helpful Glynisrose .

    This is my first trial of NDT and I was a bit worried now that it's finally hot in my neck of the woods lol .

  • I keep my WP in the fridge, & take out a week's worth to leave next to my bed.


  • Thanks Leverette .

    I will do that.


  • I knew those tiny jam jars would be good for something! ;)

  • What a good idea .

    I'm always sorry to throw them out , but if I don't stop saying " I will keep that it might come in handy " they will have to dig me out one of these days 😱

  • I hoard "useful things", & keep two jars on my bedside table: one for the week's NDT, & one for the morning, so I can grab, swallow pills & water, & hopefully go back to sleep. One day, I'm bound to pick up the wrong one!

  • I have one of those thingies with the days or else I couldn't be responsible for what I take lol.

    At 5o'clock in the morning who cares.

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