I'm phobic about the finger-prick blood draw

Hi All,

So far for blood tests I've been getting my thyroid tests done at the same time as other tests which require a phlebotomist blood draw from my arm. It costs me £30 for that and I can't get it cheaper in my area.

Now the only tests in my near future will be those which are available by finger prick blood collection so I wn't need a phlebotomist - but I can't face doing the finger prick. I am not squeamish about the actual blood and I don't mind the little phlebotomy needle, but I just can't see myself creating a wound on my finger like that. However, if I could do the blood collection myself it would be a big advantage because I could do it early morning, plus it wouldn't cost me for the phlebotomy.

So does anybody else have this dilemma, and how did you get round it?



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It's easy, I get my finger prick tests from Medichecks and you get several spring loaded lancets, just put the end on your finger and press, stings a bit afterwards but otherwise no problems.

It depends on how much you bleed and where you stab yourself.

Mine was a slow process but it does not hurt and worth the effort.

Cut your nails first just as a heads up it helps so the blood does not run under them.

Home blood test kits provide you with sterile wipes, cotton wool, plasters and lancets. It's really quick and easy to do x

Thanks everybody for the encouragement. Looks like I am just going to have to take a deep breath and go for it.

I'll maybe take an aspirin on the previous 2 days to thin my blood as it coagulates really fast, also drink lots of water beforehand so the blood doesn't dry up before I have enough. And cut my nails - thanks Howard.

The sh** we have to go through.


If you drink plenty water your blood will be less sticky. In fact if you ever need a fasting blood test you should drink plenty water beforehand. People often get a fasting blood test mixed up with 'nil by mouth' .

First time I was scared too but have my kit ready for testing tomorrow morning. Routine for me now :D

I get up, tie my shoulder after warming up a bit, take the needle , sweat a bit as I hate the sound of it and it is over in 5 seconds.

It isn't bad at all in the end.

I struggled with getting blood out the first time but I don't think I dad pressing hard enough. I find putting my finger flat on the table and pressing down with the lancet really helps

hold the lancet in place for a few seconds, I find it helps with a better blood flow. It hurts me like blazes but I have fibro which turns pain volume up, up, up :( I have always been phobic of needles and blood been taken and was in a pathetic state first time I did the home finger prick test but struggled to get the blood to flow and got so frustrated forgot about being scared LOL now I barely blink when doing it. So yes lots of water day before, make sure you are warm and I take ginko now to help thin blood as was clotting in seconds and it is sooo much easier.


Thanks so much for all your excellent tips on the best techniques!

I'm feeling a bit more confident now - if not exactly looking forward to it.


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