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Control of thyroid function testing

People may be interested in this open BMJ journal article:

Effectiveness of interventions to reduce ordering of thyroid function tests: a systematic review.

by: Zhelev Z, Abbott R, Rogers M, Fleming S. et al

BMJ open 2016:6:e010065. doi;10.11364/bmjopen-2015-010065

It goes through the findings of several papers relating to guidelines, policy, education, decision aids, feedback.

The results are not encouraging as regards consistency in these aspects

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Thanks for posting. Here's a link:


Seems to be solely aimed at reducing costs by reducing testing rather than effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment.Or am i wrong?

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I think the aims are to get the best information for the least effort. But this can easily lead to under-testing if the underlying assumptions are wrong.

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Direct link:

However, due to the poor methodological quality and reporting of the studies, the likely presence of publication bias and the questionable relevance of some interventions to current day practice, we are unable to draw strong conclusions or recommend the implementation of specific intervention types.

This is a major indictment of the medical establishment and the available research. Is it any wonder that patients (well, many of those here) have lost patience and have no faith in the system?


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