Itchy skin

Hi I have GD got a new thing going on itchying (no rash) going on from head to toe , I am on a very small dose of carb 5mg every other day , went to doctor today who seemed to think its a side effect of carb ( after she looked it up in her book) but i have been on carb for 2 years with a 6 month break , just wondering if any one eles has had this stange itchy skin with GD

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  • Hi Wendy

    Yes I get it sometimes and have to take antihistamine for a while. Don't know why it happens but after a couple of weeks of the antihistamine, I can stop taking them and I'm ok again.

    I don't change nothing else so no idea what causes it.

  • Might be an allergy? I get itchy if I take in too much sugar, so maybe a candida thing going on. My partner gets it with sugar too.

  • Hi Dear,

    All You Need To Know About Itchy Skin No Rash?


    Allergic reaction

    Dry skin


    Kidney Failure

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