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Hi , I need some advice for my sister who has been on 100 Levo for the past 15 years ... She is very hypo , tired , bad skin , painful joints ,over weight the list goes on. Susanna use to be so fit , a coach for the county netball team... So sad to see her like this ! Her Dr would not test herT3 and threatened to cut her Levo down due to the TSH ..... I finally got her to have her TSH , T 3&4 tested in Spain where she lives part of the year She has purchased Thyroid S (1000) from Amazon (recommended )and was wondering how to advise her on the change over .... Is it best to take some of the Levo and some of the NDT ? 😊

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How much levo is she on? Has she had any other tests done..ferritin, B12, Vit D etc..? Would be best if she posted her results on here for people to advise x

She is on 100 ...I forgot to post her results in the first post ,Knut followed up with another post .... No other tests as she is in Spain till late Seotember ... She did have two lots of bloods done with blue horizon bit they did not work so they told her to redo in September and to have dapsone one draw her blood rather than a prick teat ..,thank you ...

The T3 is a shock to the system after struggling to convert so start on a low dose and build up over a few weeks. DO NOT do a direct swap it is not useful. Doctors tend to tell you to do this so they can say'Well we tried that and it didn't work ' please remember there is T2,T3,T4 and calcitonin in NDT. Not just T4 like levo.

Thank you .... I read some similar posts and have told her to cut back her levo to 75 ...and take half a grain of the thyroid S .... I told her to take the NDT in the morning and the Levo at night ... Do this for two weeks . See how she feels ... Then reduce love to 50 and increase the NDT to 3/4 grain ... Do you think this is ok ? Thank you for replying 😊

Actually not sure whether my advice is good !

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