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Temperature control

Does anyone have up to date info on temperature regulation with hasimotos's? I have no mid-level and spend the year either freezing or boiling with a low base temperature (rated as in the hypothermia range on my thermometer but my GP simply dismisses such info.) but the last month has been worse with the early hours of the morning extremely cold and this inability to warm up lasts until about 2-3pm after which I am relatively hot. In the mornings it is so bad that I have to go outside and sit in the sun lizard-like (fully covered up as I am very light sensitive) which helps a bit. Any ideas?

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Hi cwill,

Have you ever taken your temperature under basal conditions? It gives you data that maybe your GP will accept. You must take your temperature immediately on waking, before doing anything else. Three minutes in the mouth and record it. Do it about six times to get an average. If your average is 3°F or 2°C less than the expected 98.4°F /37°C then your thyroid may be struggling. Of course don't do it if you have a cold, sinusitis, sore throat etc as it will skew results.

If your temp is low after this then maybe you need more meds. I'm only going on what Dr Durrant-Peatfield says. Other more knowledgeable members will be able to help you better, but it's a thought. He says when you are hypothyroid it is common to wake up cold in the early hours, freezing even. I sometimes used to wake up shivering with cold. That's not happened for a while now. I hope someone can help you with this. :-)


Thanks will do that. Have just had a better nights sleep but needed two duvets, a 13.5 and 9 tog one on top of the other and a heat pack, This is getting ridiculous!


Having said that warm up in the afternoon I think that only happens when temp is 22 outside (my bedroom is west facing and gets very hot later in the day). Yesterday was barely possible with 4 layers of clothing, heater and big duvet. Know that summer in the UK can be variable but this is ridiculous.


I know, I remember wearing thick pyjamas and socks in Gran Canaria at night! Apparently, all my friends were sleeping naked and I have to say my partner wasn't too happy. It was over 100°!


Well I am still using 2 duvets although the weather is not quite so cold now. As expected I did my basal temp over 5 days and my doctor was totally uninterested that it never rose above 36.5 once awake and out of bed, 36.1 on waking. I remember my early days on the wards and the whole day was based around temperature, heart and respiratory rate monitoring yet once we have hypo and 'CFS' our key symptoms can be so dismissed. Organised tests privately to check all sorts of things and have found a promising private GP, as well as increasing my reading list as usual. I am going to rest my winter fleece dressing gown before Autumn!

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Hi cwill. I've just had a look back at your previous posts and the advice given there and I see that radd suggested adrenal support as adrenal and thyroid problems often go hand in hand and low basal body temperature is a fairly good indication of adrenal issues. Having been diagnosed with CFS back in 2002 (recovery in 2004) I wish I'd known more about adrenals and B12 back then. You may want to look at an adrenal support formula rather than adrenal cortex initially as some people can have an adverse reaction to the full glandular extract. There is some helpful information regarding adrenal health on the STTM website:


Thanks for the replies. I am organizing a set of private tests for all sorts including cortisol levels and am reviewing my supplements. I find adrenal support very confusing and don't know what adrenal support formula is. I will read the blog and see if it makes anything clearer.


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