Vegan Iodine


im 35,male, i suffer from hashimoto thyroiditis since im 18

i take200 mcg of levothyrine, and im a vegan myself, and what worries me most is the lack of information regarding the under consomption of iodine in vegan individuals....

As you might been aware of is that under or over consumption of this mineral can hurt thyroid...

its ok to start supplementation?

My question is have you discussed with your doctor about this situation lately? whats your thoughts about this topic


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My first doctor had me supplement iodine too much and it worsened the hashis...a horrendous experience. My endo now has me on much much smaller amounts and regularly tests me.

thanks for your reply.....may i ask if u are a vegan or not

Not vegan, closer to paleo, really.

Hello and welcome. From what I've read, the majority of the population are deficient in selenium and iodine, although vegetarians are more at risk of deficiency of these, and also some other nutrients such as B12.

However, iodine supplementation can make Hashimoto's worse if there is also a selenium deficiency, so iodine should only be supplemented where there s good selenium status and even then, under medical supervision and where there is a known iodine deficiency:

I have done a lot of online research on this subject & have come to the conclusion that it is not worth the risk,personally,though many do supplement.I do use sea salt & miso & very occasionally seaweeds,but I believe thyroid replacement medication provides enough iodine when the dose is right.

if I was a vegan,I would be very concerned about B12 levels & iron.I am not a vegan,but I take B12 as methylcobalamin,as well as iron as bisglycinate,selenium in organic methyl form & magnesium in bisglycinate form,as well as D3 with K,vit C in a non-acidic form & lots of Bs.Just been reading on STTM that I may need molybdenum,too

We have bacteria that produce B12 in our mouths and intestines, as long as you are eating heirloom sourced foods not grown in chemical fertiliser or being sprayed with pesticides you will not have a B12 problem.

And yet... so many of us do.

Machineman, it's not just a question of how much B12 there is in our food - although, reading that, is sounds as if you think there's B12 in vegetables - there isn't! - it's a question of how much you absorb. As hypos usually have low stomach acid, they have problems digesting, and therefore problems absorbing nutrients. And, therefor can have deficiencies in all kinds of nutrients, so supplementing is necessary. :)

its not about it being in the food its about the right food protecting your digestive system and not creating bad bacteria which overrun the good bacteria that produce the B12 for you,

obviously the wrong food is going to lead to you needing to supplement so dairy and grains create bad bacteria, with the dairy we stop producing the enzyme that digests the lactose leaving the door open for bad bacteria to feed off of it, grains are high in mycobacteria therefore destroying your intestinal balance overtime this means not enough B12 for you,

also the medicines you are all given destroy the good bacteria so even though they are giving you something that helps in one area later down the line you are being set up for more trouble.

I understand that B12 is negligible, and the highest source is animal products or supplements.


In my view, your blanket assertion is highly questionable.

Whilst there is a tiny number of plant B12 sources, in general we have to have animal derived foods to get enough B12 in our diets - whether as dairy, eggs or meat. The exception is where food is fortified with B12 which has been produced by bacteria. (Some plants claimed to be sources contain substances which might even appear on tests as B12, but do not function as B12 in the human body.)

As greygoose so rightly points out, many here have issues with absorbing sufficient B12 even when their diet contains contains relatively large amounts. At least some autoimmune thyroid diseases sufferers end up short of being officially declared to have pernicious anaemia, but are many steps towards that. They absolutely have to worry about B12.

Are Intestinal Bacteria a Reliable Source of B12?

Summary: Given that many otherwise healthy vegans develop B12 deficiency when not supplementing their diets with B12, intestinal bacteria cannot be relied upon to prevent B12 deficiency in vegans.

More at link:

Further, if you are going to make bold claims, please at least post some accessible links.

"Foods not grown in chemical fertiliser or sprayed with pesticides" - very hard to find and afford.

aah yes but the polonium that makes us all ill and is in the chemical fertiliser and uptaken into the plant is easy to find, grow your own

And where do you grow your own? Most people in the UK don't have a garden or have one too small for veg. In general, only rich people have big gardens, and you aren't going to feed a family with a couple of tubs in the yard and a window box. And there's the problem of Winter when it's too cold to grow your own without a greenhouse - esp if you don't have a garden big enough for over wintering leeks and brassicas. Not practical in this country for most people. Are you in the UK?

Most phosphate fertilizer is used on tomatoes in this country, so just don't eat them if you want to avoid polonium (or smoke, or drink the water)

all farmers use chemical fertiliser, what the ruling class have done Is kept the price of food artificially low and told the farmers they will get subsidies to compensate for this, yet in order to get the subsidy they have to use the fertiliser they use a citrate wash which just so happens to mean that the roots take up the decay products of uranium which has an allowable legal limit of 100 ppm.

Look I know its hard especially when you are ill,

but you can do things and they may take a little bit of effort but what's the point of living in a community when you do not help each other

to feed a family of 4 you need about 4 square metres of land you can use hydroponics which would mean you would have to generate electricity you can do this with a piece of copper being placed into the ground.

or collect glass and make a greenhouse even if it takes time if you start and keep on the lookout for things It will sort itself out.

there are heirloom seed companies all over the world, learn what the right foods are, so the only garlic you should eat is bears garlic, all other garlics are severely acidic and how many people take garlic with aspirin this increases the potential of bleeding no end due to the toxicity of the aspirin,

so I've just learned that parsley is hybridised so that was based off of cilantro, only eat the red rose potato, search where the origins of food are from and source the seeds amaranth is an amazing grain carrots are hybridised from wild yam and another veggie can't remember now

if you have access to land it takes about 19 hours to prepare that land then a further 4 hours a week to tend the growing food you use 30cm horseshoe shaped copper wire to put around the base of the plant this increases the growth of the plant and wards of insects also spray with diluted Hydrogen peroxide but make sure you plant some extra for the insects greed has ended up with us virtually wiping our planet out and we would not be here I fit wasn't for the animals.

to prepare the land you use azomite soil as well as getting cows manure there are other ways,

but if the soil PH is above 5 then the heavy metals do not get uptaken into the plant, if the soil is contaminated you research which plants remove the contaminants, so take arsenic, ferns take this out of the soil the optimum is leaving the fern in for 8 weeks you can then use the fern under your sheets as it helps you breathe easier or other medicinal benefits you can even turn it into a shampoo, much safer than the products you buy in the supermarket

if you keep researching these things you will come up with so many uses its just whether you want to put in the time to learn (if you keep on learning it keeps you young) when you extract the oils out of a plant the contaminants don't come out normally but again the info is on the net and there to be found

the best for removing lead

I dunno but there are ways and even if it takes a year or so of preparation if you had of started a year ago you would now be reaping the benefits. the more positive we are the more chance we have of beating our illnesses.

Arise ye starvelings from your slumbers, Arise ye criminals of want ...etc.

4 square metres is more than most people have and would not be enough to feed at family all year at 55 degrees north, where I live. Hydroponics - get real. You still need space. Even a whole allotment is hard pressed to feed a family all year. Land is really, really expensive and I challenge anyone to get an allotment sized piece grassland on our heavy clay with rambling stones to a cultivatable state in 19 hours single-handed without mechanical aids.

What is cilantro - some US thing we don't have?

You would need planning permission to put up a greenhouse within 1 metre of your boundary., and if it was just built of scrap glass the council wouldn't grant it - plus it costs money to apply for planning permission. Face, most people live in small terraces with just a concrete back yard, and lees than a metre in the front to put a few pots. Others live in flats. The lucky ones live in current or ex-council houses built in the 30s to 50s (when it was considered necessary to grow your own) with a decent garden. Modern houses may have small gardens but they are usually a bit of turf laid on top of builders waste.

And most hypo people don't have the energy to garden until they are properly medicated, especially not after spending 4-6 hours travelling and 8 hours at work.

Yes, all farmers use fertilizer but some of them are organic. Yes, Eu regulations say that fertilizer must be made form chemicals , but that doesn't stop organic farms from NOT using it. It takes 2-3 year to gt organic certification in the UK, and farmers can get grants for it.

it is obvious that you don't know anything about the UK or EU farming. And before you get started, organic veg boxes are available but expensive. Not something you could afford it you were too ill to work, and if you are well enough to garden you are well enough to work.

BTW I have been "growing my own" since 1973 on a variety of soils. And I know that it isn't possible for most people.

Well said, Angel!

Cilantro is coriander. :)

well its been proven that hydroponically grown food only needs 4 square meters of space which means you can grow it indoors,

you can get vertical racks and grow food on your windows

you can form a group and grow other things

I can only give you ideas if you want to keep putting barriers up then what chance do you have. and what the point of me helping anyone on here

and organic farming has been proven to be economically viable due to the increased food production and the increased revenue which negates the subsidies needed you are comparing two different things

1) Who proved it and how much did it cost?

2) No one has said that organic farming is not economically viable, so why are mentioning that?

I don't really want to give up two rooms of my house to put veg in them and run up a huge electricity and water bill. And some us would like to be able to open their windows - impossible with racks all over them.

Being realistic about finances is not "putting up barriers" - your attitude is just the same as the doctors who say that if you are not well on levo, you are mentally ill.

I don't have a problem with growing organic as I do have an allotment, but the majority of people on this forum won't have and certainly won't be able to give up a couple of rooms to grow hydroponically - you do know that 4 sq meters (and anyway it would need to be a cubic measurement, wouldn't it?) is about the size of two bedrooms?

Your suggestions just get more and more unrealistic. We are not on the Star Ship Enterprise, you know.

And if diet could cure all health problems on its own, many of us wouldn't be here.

Go and advise someone who knows less than you do.

it is obvious that you don't know anything about the UK or EU farming

Yes I do

as my reply is to do with the viability of producing organic food this is pretty much what it is based on seeing there are only a few owners of farms now, some 80% of all farms on this planet are owned by George soros and Joe lewis who work for the ruling classes

and organic farming has been proven to be economically viable due to the increased food production and the increased revenue which negates the subsidies needed you are comparing two different things

2) No one has said that organic farming is not economically viable, so why are mentioning that?

I am mentioning that in response to your previous statement

I am going round in circles here it seems some of you cannot read what I say without changing or twisting it

Quite how do you square hydroponic indoor cultivation with organic farming? Are they not almost diametrically opposed approaches with the proponents of the one regarding the proponents of the other as virtual enemies?

Excellent info!

Used to utilise crops in Australia in order to replenish soil with nitrogen.

All young stock fed on early oat crops, they grew very well.

All natural, however, with personal Hypothyroidism post cancer, I keep on hunting to keep away from medication which seems to destroy the body!!

machineman - no amount of eating well will help if you have an absorption/low stomach acid problem like I do. I am a strict vegetarian, and eat extremely well (and organic) - I am seeing a very good nutritionist, so I really do know that I am eating everything that I should do.

Despite that, I have tested deficient in so many nutrients, including vitamin C, D and B12, iron etc. I have B12 jabs, but absolutely have had to supplement everything else because diet-alone isn't enough.

what water do you drink, what water do the foods you eat contain.

distilled water is the only source of water without fluoride added into it, although some bottled waters don't have fluoride most will have minerals that are ionic therefore are not uptaken in the body, and although it has not been proved (although diverticulitis is caused by inorganic iron accumulating in the digestive tract) what do these inorganic minerals do to the body. spell Evian backwards and you will see the truth behind things to do with the water industry, we are told things they are put there right in front of us you just have to work it out

do you take Hydrogen peroxide as oxygen is the key to so many processes in our body as well as being the basis for most of our enzymes

also do you have a cool mist humidifier with some 3% HP in it when you are sleeping this creates a hyper baric oxygen chamber, when you sleep you breathe correctly it also neutralises a lot of the toxins emitted from our manmade materialistic lifestyle.

and I am assuming your nutritionist also told you not to cook your food above 40c

are the vitamins you buy grown or made? garden of life grow their vitamins also drs best, yet centrum or Holland and barrett would derive their vitamins from crushed rock which will not work in the body.

royal lee's daughter has a website that shows what vitamins work although I only looked at it once she would have way more reason to be honest seeing the medical establishment had her father killed.

you have to remove the poison that has made your system toxic in the first place which is normally fluoride this destroys our bodies as well as other uranium decay products

1 part of fluoride in 15 million parts has been proven to inhibit 50% of the populations pancreatic enzymes.

are your foods hybridised which means two veggies have been combined to make another one this throws the electrical component of the atoms out and won't be uptaken by your stomach which will mean a continuing spiral down for you

has your food been irradiated this means that the food has basically had the life taken from it

just because vegetables say they are organic does not mean they have not had pesticides used on them like rotenone, pesticides can travel 1000km this is why yo uneed to grow your own I know its difficult but they make it difficult and its up to you to rise out of it.

peter kelders book shows you how to increase your energy centres, you can notice the difference within 2 weeks

once you have removed the causative factor of your toxaemia your body will return to normal and you do not have to go to such extremes in order to source your food

Thanks for your reply, machineman, but I definitely don't need to go to extremes to source my food. And I do the very best I can to ensure that what I eat and drink is the best I can obtain. I think that most of us just do the best we can.

And, to be honest, most people on this site with thyroid disease would not be capable of doing most of the things you suggest doing. It wasn't that long ago that I was incapable of walking far or getting through the day safely, let alone set up a smallholding in my bedroom!

yeah I know its hard

I'm just assuming most people have got friends and family as it would benefit them as well

The most important thing though is to stop putting fluoride into you as this is the main cause of hypo-thyroidism, auto immune disease and cancer.

so aim for that at least even if it takes a year of saving up a fiver or so a paycheck although it is cheaper than that and see if your health improves after that

Thanks for your reply, machineman.

Naomi8, Hi! Please could you kindly send me the details of the selenium you are taking, and if you please could send me the link to where you buy it from, I'd be very grateful, I've been looking for a good selenium supplement as not very happy with my current one. Thank you!!

Sorry-can't do links!I bought 180 tablets of 200mcgs brand "Healthy Origins Selenoexcell"for £9.95 from Ebay shop"Supplementsthatwork".I always source my supplements from Ebay shops where possible,as I find the quality very good at a good price & mostly post free or free click & collect.

Brilliant! Thank you so much Naomi8 !! I just found the exact same product on eBay for £8.95 (also free delivery and seller has 99.9% positive feedback out of 68355 sales!) also from a UK location, you might as well save £1 😊 It's here

Health leads ltd do a good selenium tablet no magnesium stearate or nasties in

No such thing as over consumption of Iodine, well don't drink a bottle of it and always increase your dose every week by one drop as this can be a mega boost for your metabolism and will mean you will only need about 4 or 5 hours sleep a night.

doctors 50 years ago used to say 300mg yes milligrams a day was fine they also carried out a study on children giving them 2500 MG a day for 5 years with no adverse affects,

also used in hospitals for years where they used to smother people in iodine before an operation (then they bought in this synthetic rubbish) with no reports of any side effects (source lets Get Well, Adele Davis Book plus my general reading)

now if the iodine is not made correctly you might have a problem but as long as it has no contaminants in (which means you have to research what you are buying not just blindly trusting a nice website or pharmacist) then your body just excretes it straight out If you do not need it. if you drop it on your skin your body will absorb and take it when it needs it.

the ridiculously low dose of 150mcg is just to cover up goitres showing,

if you have high levels of iodine then your body does not adsorb radioactive iodine or Fluoride or Bromine which are all toxic to us, also how would the poor pharmaceutical companies earn trillions of dollars do you know they even use chlorine in 93% of American made drugs because it is cost effective LOL do you have any idea how bad chlorine is for us? probably not hey it destroys oxygen and the chemical reaction with oxygen regenerates it back to chlorine again.

have a browse on this site the majority of their info is taken before the health industry was taken over by corporations and has some interesting bits of Information,

we used to live way longer than today but of course because the media and corrupt governments tell us we used to live till 40 most people just believe them but once you genuinely start reading and researching this you will see that a humans lifespan can be around 150+ years and that is completely disease free, looking and having a fitness level of around 30 I kid you not.

Hear hear! 😎

Do you take 2500 milligrams of iodine a day?

No I don't.

I just told people that a study was done giving children 2500mg of iodine a day for 5 years with no adverse affects, as well as doctors 50 years ago saying 300mg a day was considered to be fine.

I also said

(always increase your dose every week by one drop)

this is roughly 6.5 mg

You cannot reach 2500 milligrams a day by increasing at 6.5 milligrams a week for seven years.

Do you have an accessible link to this?

I had a doctor who believed all this. She also gave me the line about Japanese fishermen taking 50,000 mcg of iodine safely.

She told me 2,000 mcg was safe. I didn't get a "boost to my metabolism", but I sure got hyperthyroidism and all that entails. Overnight I got stabbing neck pains and difficulty swallowing. Cystic acne, hair loss, psychosis, insomnia. Doctor said it was detox.

And that's how I learned I have Hashimotos. I've had painful nodules 2 years straight now.

PLEASE don't go off the deep end with iodine. Some is essential, sure, but too much is poisonous. Holistic wishful thinking will not change this.

yep you have to build up on anything not just iodine.

a one drop increase a week taken after food that incorporate these following minerals, start with only 1 drop (6.5 mg) taken in 2 to 5 ounces of distilled water 30 minutes after food

and did your doctor also tell you to take selenium tyrosine zinc and boron to increase the uptake in the body as well as take some (dilute 5 drops in 5-8 ounces of distilled water) 35% Hydrogen Peroxide always wait 2 hours after food as the HP interacts with the food in your stomach and does not get into the blood system

as well as sulphur and vitamin C to negate the atrophy of the thyroid

as well as silymarin and slippery elm bark to heal your intestines and regenerate your liver.

and what about regenerating your villi with B2 B6 B9 and magnesium in order for your villi to be able to absorb these nutrients in the first place.

and what about your stomach acids being replenished with motilin and leptin

I could go on but you sort of get the idea this is why we need to source natural foods that have not been hybridised and then only cooked at around 40C,

when you steam your veggies you only lose around 10% of the nutrient value but I have not come across the information in regard to the enzymes all enzymes are killed at 47c

this is a document that talks about HP there have been thousands of studies carried out on many people it also refers to helping with thyroid problems

I am thinking that rather than getting intravenous HP therapy as there is always a danger with penetrating the artery due to bruising

it may be just as effective to use a nebuliser but I think a glass medication cup would be better than plastic also you can dilute the 35% peroxide into distilled water taking the concentration down to a maximum of 3% (yet 0.5% or 1% is of no real difference it may just take longer) and use it as a foot bath where you just massage it into the legs/body I read one doctor had cured atherosclerosis within 3 weeks advising 2 footbaths a day he claimed he had cured 3000 people this way.

I can tell you that being a raw vegan with supplements doesn't prevent secondary hypo, or turn you into a paragon of longevity (even with the help of David Wolfe) - but it did help stop my asthma. Plus you'd need to be extremely rich to afford all the clean food and supplements - and most of us aren't.

are you seriously expecting us to believe that 2 mg caused all that

and this site shows that there is 4500mcgs in a quarter ounce of dried seaweed how many people do you know that have eaten just 7 grams of seaweed and had their hair fall out LOL

Dried Seaweed For iodine deficiency, dried seaweed is the go-to remedy because of its incredible supply of this essential mineral. A quarter-ounce serving contains 4,500 micrograms of iodine. That’s way more than enough iodine for the body to absorb in a day (3000% of the daily value, to be exact.) Consume smaller portions over time in order to gain the health benefits. Serving Size (1/4 ounce), 4,500 micrograms of iodine (3000% DV), 18 calories

when you are told something by anyone it does not mean it is true and this works for doctors more than anyone

I try and get people to do there own research as we are all responsible for ourselves, Its different if say you have a cold and you tell someone to take elderberry juice or a zucchini but to overload the body with a single nutrient is not the way to go your body is the thing that heals itself.

and the body excretes the iodine it does not need, if you take too much it may cause pain in the stomach but you are telling us it caused a reaction to make your hair fall out I took about 200 mg one day and it was before food and it hurt my stomach for about 2 days this is why I always tell people to take it after food :-)

and insomnia is an increase in metabolism.

Yes, 2 mg did that. TO ME. It triggered Hashi's. It made me hyperthyroid. During that phase I lost 20 lbs, my heart was racing, and my hair fell out. I developed multiple painful nodules.

Not everyone who takes large doses of iodine will trigger worsening autoimmunity. But some will, and that's relevant in this forum.

The iodine required to provide all of us humans with 2500 milligrams of iodine a day is approximately half the entire world production (including recycling) of iodine.

Your link appears to be useless to most of us who are not members. I couldn't find anything that was both accessible and concerned iodine. Perhaps a link which is both more specific to the subject (iodine) and accessible without sign-up/charge?

and I said

(have a browse on this site the majority of their info is taken before the health industry was taken over by corporations and has some interesting bits of Information)

I do not recommend joining any site but I do recommend utilising the knowledge these people point you to in order for people to have a better understanding for their own welfare

so lets have a look at what I mean

so we click on home page and have a browse at pioneers of nutrition

Lets click on the first link as royal lee was probably the most outstanding individual in all of medicine coming up with the rife generator which was based on electrical frequency and curing cancer. he was also one of the first doctors to build his own microscope with a magnification of 23000 times todays microscopes only go to a maximum of 2000, rife proved cancer was a microbe.

so they want to sell us a book but we do not want to pay money for something that we can view online so we do a google search on dr lee and protomorphology

and come to this, so I am interested in what a vitamin Is as well as wanting to know if there is a difference in what a doctor or Holland and Barrett sell me as a vitamin or what the smartest man in medicine tells me I should be taking

and we have a read and come to this statement

(Dr. Lee Proposes the Theory of Autoimmune Disorder—in 1946!)

so that's us hey so the book has been removed but we use our wayback archive and we end up with a free copy of a book that puts us on the road to a more better understanding of how to beat thyroid disease, this helps people understand not to put synthetic rubbish into them and as science is about testing stuff on ourselves (in small doses) we follow Dr lee's advice and source real food and see what the outcome is

and finally the book that will help some people who want a more complete understanding of what is going on in their bodies

all from a 5 minute browse I wonder what other nuggets are on their site?

and here is an outline to Lee well worth a read as the whale site is a very good source of information in my experience.

You can get a free frequency generator app for Android (Zapp) - useful for those who can't afford to spend thousands of pounds on a Rife machine. And Orgonize Africa do cheap zappers with good postage to the UK. But doesn't seem to help thyroid problems (I got mine for breast cancer).

Many people are sensitive or allergic to iodine (which is one minor reason that hospitals changed - OK that's mostly radiology, not food). Of course that could be a selenium deficiency, And there is no bromine in UK foods - banned. Chlorine and fluoride in the water, yes, but bromine, no. The way statistics are kept means that it is very hard to tell if we are living longer or shorter or the same as previous generations. Obviously, reduced infant mortality makes average age at death rise, and fewer industrial accidents will also tend to do that (as most accidents would be in people of working age), but even Aubrey de Grey hasn't got us to 150 yet - and I don't think just swigging iodine is going to do it.

People are not allergic to iodine.

Theoretically it is not possible to be allergic to elemental iodine or simple iodide salts (such as potassium iodide). Indeed no true allergy or anaphylaxis to iodine has been reported. Iodine itself can cause non-allergic adverse reactions such as iododerma (a rare acneiform or ulcerative eruption related to iodide ingestion) or iodide mumps (salivary gland swelling due to iodide overload from contrast media infusion in those with renal insufficiency).

But your iodine containing medium they use in radiology funnily enough has these ingredients in them as well

disodium edetate

sodium hydroxide

saccharin sodium

anise oil

polysorbate 80

purified water

so shall we see why the Iodine is so dangerous :-)

ummm tasty

disodium edetate,

EDTA I don't have a problem with this yet any manmade substance will have a negative effect in some people, but these next ones are good for a laugh

sodium hydroxide,

saccharin sodium,

and the extract from the above 1990 study showing why the first study in 1978 was true.

Silicon-containing precipitate and/or crystals appear to be generated in the urine under specific circumstances, acting as microabrasive, cytotoxic material.

anise oil

is fine without me doing any research to find out if the anise is synthetic which would change my view as the others are bad enough

polysorbate 80

Polyoxyethylene is a component of this, this is homologous to the antigens in vaccines and the reason anaphylaxis occurs, around 2.5% of children get anaphylaxis every year (and it is increasing year on year) from the vaccines they give them ruining the rest of their lives

purified water

yaay something good

but the pharmaceutical world wants to tell us its the Iodine that causes the reaction, come on

it might not strictly be an allergy, but it can still cause a nasty rash and discomfort. And it's the docs who say it isn't an allergy - it just feels like one to sufferers. Ok, maybe it's the povidone, but we don't really know. Safer to eat sea veg (not from certain areas of Japan, though) rather than take iodine supplements.

I haven't seen anyone taken ill from the potassium iodide tablets they give us during nuclear emergency practices [but that could be because the ones used in practices are actually Tic-tacs ;-) ].

the waters around Okinawa are safe, my friend who is a pharmacist has seen the testing and the waters are clear

I was telling him about fucoidan curing cancer which is in brown seaweed and he said he will get some from japan I said the same as you not to get anything from there and he told me about the tests and that the water was clear.

later on he confirmed to me how pleased the Japanese were at the use of fucodian curing cancer which had an extremely high cure rate and he started to incorporate it into his help for people. bit better than the pharmaceutical companies 2.1% cure rate for cancer over 5 years

umm tic tacs you won't se anyone get ill from iodine but you do need to use other nutrients to absorb it

when you were doing your vegan thing did you try bugleweed or rhodiola

"Certain areas of Japan" is typical British understatement for Fukushima.

I'm still a vegan - mostly raw. Wouldn't take bugleweed as it is for hyper thyroid conditions and I don't want to get worse. Tried rhodiola, but didn't find it particularly effective bang for buck - still use ashwaghanda, though, for adrenal issues.

bugleweed works on both hypo and hyper

and after july try schisandra chinensis,

july is the month it is harvested and for it to work even better the Russianscombined it with Acantho root,

schisandra creates glutathione and also works on your adrenals only 3 times a day.

and have you looked at the wave movements from fukushima

There is a lot of information on Hashi's and iodine in Stephanie Buist's Facebook group "Iodine", which is based on Dr David Brownstein's work

I wouldn't trust Brownstein any farther than I could throw him. He cherry picks info and encourages megadoses, and conveniently neglects to mention that high iodine populations have higher autoimmunity rates.

There is no doubt that iodine is essential, even if you don't have a thyroid problem. However there is so much controversy over its use in hyper, hypo and hashi's that it seems impossible to find out which information you can rely on. From my own research I have read that iodine can be administered safely with hashimoto's if it is applied in low to moderate amounts transdermally as it allows the body to self-regulate absorption, unlike oral consumption.

Or, you can increase absorption of iodine through food, one of the best is apparently spinach but it is also present in eggs, fish, beef, sea salt, cheese, asparagus and garlic, although I am sure there are others.

Personally I would not discuss iodine with my doctor, the only thing I can rely on him for is to keep me ill.

200 mcg Levo will give you plenty of iodine. I doubt you need to supplement.

Taking iodine doesn't cure secondary hypo (can't speak for primary) I tried iodoral for a decent amount of time and no difference either way. May be someone will come up with a way to heal the pituitary and/or hypothalamus, but right now, if it isn't doing its job, you need to supplement hormone or you die/stay very ill.

only in some cases half of thyroid problems can be mitochondrial and a percentage of people with thyroid problems the thyroid hormones are not thought to help whatsoever

So worth trying D Ribose, but the majority of people do need replacement hormones. And if it's a pituitary problem, the other problems need to be replaced as well. Trip-trap, I love feeding under bridge dwellers even though i know I shouldn't.

Oh, emotional blackmal! You get better every time you write!

I am ill mainly because a stupid doctor prescribed iodine for me. I wasn't too bad before that, I had Hashi's, but I wasn't too bad. The iodine tipped me over the top.

So, please don't play word games with me. You don't even have a thyroid problem! Come back when you've had your gland ripped out and you know what you're talking about. OK?

I don't feel high-dose supplementation of iodine is safe. I use a trace mineral supplement most days which includes iodine 190mcg, selenium 200mcg (and other trace mins) per tablet. Selenium is necessary for T4->T3 conversion.

I view Hashi's as an environmental health problem. In my case, gluten was the main culprit. But there are many others, do you have access to an environmental doc who can advise you?

200mcg of levothyroxine is a lot. Abbott's advice is that the full-replacement dose of T4 is 1.7mcg/kg body weight. So 200mcg would be equivalent to someone who weighs about 117kg. Have you considered that combo T3+T4 (or NDT) treatment might work better for you? If your doc is one of those dogmatic/establishment types who does only TSH and T4, you could be missing out on feeling really well.

You first need to know whether you have a deficiency. Since most of the sources of iodine are veggie, it's not that likely. As a child I was told the the main reason that milk is supposed to be a good source was that cows udders are washed with iodine before milking. If you are concerned, eat plenty of sea vegetables.

Hey, i'm vegan and I found these videos very helpful. I've been v under the weather recently so my GP did some blood work, all my levels were ok, it was a different health issue making me ill, I really think diet can really help. I'm not the most confident at posting reply, but I really hope these links help. All the best

Don't believe all the hype about deficiency. Hope you feel better soon

Hi there! I've had Hashimoto's for 11 years, and I've been vegan for the last 8 years.

I'm currently researching supplements to assist T4 to T3 conversion. Recent blood work has revealed that my serum ferritin and B12 are on the low end of the range. I've already started taking Holland and Barrett's 'Vegan Multivitamin & Mineral' supplement, which I already had but I'd neglected to take it for some time. I'm topping it up with an additional 14mg of Iron daily (£1 from ASDA), although I have read that I need way more than 28mg!

The Vegan Society 'VEG1' supplement was my staple for years. It has 10mcg of B12 (400% RDA), which is quadruple that of H&B's vegan supplement, plus it contains 150mcg of Iodine. I seemed to tolerate this amount of Iodine with no ill effects.

Although it lacks Iodine, I feel that H&B's vegan supplement is better value for money (it's currently half price!) and has a larger range of vitamins and minerals. I'll likely top it up with a B12 or B Complex supplement (I've seen an oral B12 spray that's intriguing).

I intend to buy the 'Thyroid Support' supplement from, who are recommended by Thyroid UK (there's a discount code). This supplement contains 150mcg of Iodine (100% RDA - same as the VEG1 supplement), plus they're labelled as 'suitable for vegans'. I may also try Higher Nature's 'Thyroid Support Formula', also recommended by Thyroid UK and labelled as 'suitable for vegans', although it contains only 30mcg of Iodine. I'll continue to take my vegan supplement once I begin taking a thyroid one.

Several years ago I tried a kelp supplement which must have contained a high dose of Iodine. I didn't tolerate it and I vomited. I've been meaning to harvest some seaweed when I next visit a beach so I can have a soak in the bath with it - my skin will absorb the Iodine and won't cause me to be sick.

I hope this information is beneficial to you. Remember not to take any supplements at the same time as your levothyroxine as this could affect how it's absorbed. Leave a few hours between taking them.

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