I am diagnosed with a severe itching problem. However, even my doctor doesnt even fathom what condition I uphold. I would itch if I- Run, Walk up the stairs, stress, be upset, be angry, be scared, be tired and even when waking up. I pretty much itch everyday, and when i finish walking up the stairs to my school, my scratching desire goes away after a few minutes. Please do not tell me to take an anti- histamine pill as it does not work for me and i need your suggestions.

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  • Have you had any blood tests recently. Itchy skin can be a lesser known symptom of Iron Deficiency Anaemia. Has anyone tested your Ferritin levels?

  • Nope. I was going to have a blood test a month ago but my mum "didnt" have the time to do so. She is a Satan. Luckily im finishing my exams soon so i will get a blood test soon. Nobody have checked my ferrin levels, and this is occurring for 6 months, my body has been neglected and left to rot. I dont know what i eat whatsoever, but im the only one who had this symptom. I had a blood test 1 and a half months ago and there WAS a couple levels that i was too high for and too low. But i cant recall what it was.

  • Well it is just one of the symptoms and I would image you would have others. Do you have any of the other symptoms on that NHS page? Can you see a dermatologist if the only complaint is itchy skin?

    If you post what your blood results here others may have ideas based on what was high/low.

  • Nope. The extreme desire to scratch is the only symptom I know of so far. I dont have other symptoms and now that you mentioned a dermatologist, i fearing for my life. Is my symptoms lethal? Im 15 and i dont want it to hinder my growth. Also, on some days my itching is less irritating than on other days. Some days are mild, others are UNBEARABLE.

  • I doubt that. If the problem is severe I would go back to the doctors and perhaps see different GP and suggest a referral.

  • Im not joking. I just have a really bad itch where i do something that requires my to think and move around. The only time i dont itch is when i sleep

  • I am sorry you have an itch problem - most unpleasant and upsetting. I don't know if this link will be helpful.

  • Thanks man. Id rather get punched in the face everyday than to have this. I didnt receive the link- can you post it again?

  • Thanks man.

  • This member is 15 years old so menopause, at whatever stage, isn't really relevant. We don't even know if the member is male or female.

  • ellismay - my post was in reply to yours (it's indented directly under your post). Your post gave information about itching/formication being connected with menopause/perimenopause and links to the Menopause health matters site. I was pointing out that as the member who made the original post was 15 (and not know if male or female) then it wouldn't be relevant in this case.

  • Well perhaps any hormone upheaval can cause it - although 15 is a bit late for puberty.

  • HelpMePlees - What brought you to a thyroid forum? Do you think you may have a thyroid problem?

    I think you need to go back to your doctor and request allergy tests or a referral to a dermatologist or other skin specialist.

    If you get your blood test results from your GP surgery (which you are entitled to under the Data Protection Act, or one of your parents may have to request them as you are 15 years old) then post them with the reference ranges (numbers in brackets) then members may have some suggestions for you.

    In the meantime, itchy skin isn't going to kill you so don't worry about that. Yes, it's uncomfortable and annoying but not fatal.

    What about apply something soothing to the skin for now, maybe Aloe Vera gel, or Google for suggestions for some cream/gel/remedy that can help.

  • I knew its not lethal, but I thought that it could be a symptom of something more serious (e.g Thyroid). Its VERY uncomfortable and inconsiderate, and is there some type of medication that could be applied for itching other than histamine tablets? Any sort of anti- itching tablet for general use? I probably not the only one with this condition.

    Thanks for replying.

  • I think more information about the itching might be helpful.

    When did it start?

    What areas are affected?

    Is there a rash, raised bumps, little spots, one big area like all the spots have joined up, angry red looking? Can you describe it?

    Is it there all the time?

    Are there times when you're more affected than others, if so when - when you're outside/inside?

    It could be environmental. You may be reacting to soap, shampoo, washing powder, fabric conditioner, air fresheners, Frebreze or similar, certain material your clothes are made from.

    Pollen, spores, etc when outside.

    Do you have pets?

    Anything at all new that coincides with the start of the itching?

    Depending on the timing, could it be stress related? Have you been doing exams?

    Have a look at

    Conventional remedies:

    Natural remedies:

    I'm sure Google will find some more.

  • - My itching started in December of last year.

    - The itch is all over my body.

    - There is no rash or any signs of skin discomfort whatsoever.

    - The itching occurs both outside/ Inside, but the severe ones are always in the inside. Especially when i walk up the stairs in my school and when i run or get scared/ stressed.

    - I do not have pets.

    - I am not allergic to anything.

    - It could be stress related. But this is going on for 6 months and i doubt that its from my GCSEs.


  • HelpMePlees

    I think you should go to your GP again, explain everything as fully as you have just done. The stress part might have some bearing.

    You say you don't have any allergies. Well, none that you know of. I think a thorough allergy test might help. Also other blood tests like Naomi8 has mentioned below. Ask your GP about that.

    Do you go to your doctor's appointments with one of your parents or on your own? If you go with one of your parents, do you do the talking? Write a list of things that you want to mention and ensure you do talk about everything that's going on, including how uncomfortable you feel. Get your parent to support you up over the testing.

    For some temporary relief in the meantime try one of the creams/gels in the links I gave.

  • Hi HelpMePlees-severe itching is really difficult to cope with.It is very stressful.I think it is a good idea to get some blood tests done by your GP.This will rule out things,& that is a good thing.If I was itching all over I would ask for a liver function test,as well as the tests suggested by other members.

  • A comprehensive Parasitology, stool test over 3 days might be worth having done?

    Best Wishes


  • Hi,

    My friend scratched until her skin bled, when she started T4.

    Perhaps it's an excuse to get T3 or NDT, instead?


  • i would be looking into food sensitivities.. and healing your immune system.

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