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Birmingham UK - GPs/Tests/Advice?

Hello all!

Current Condition: Hashimoto + Polycystic Ovaries

I live in Birmingham UK and I'm finding it difficult to ask my GP for support when it comes to my condition (next to impossible to get THS/T3/other blood tests or referral to endocrinologist/gynecologist). I've been feeling unwell recently and I'm pretty sure my hormones are beyond their normal levels again ( I'll skip the details but I've had the same problems 2 years ago). So now I'm really determined to get a referral for endocrinologist but I'd like to go to someone who looks at the whole picture not only at the results from a single test (like my GP). Can you recommend me a good specialist in Birmingham whose services I can access via a NHS referral? I apologize if this is against the rules of the forum, please pm/message me if needed.

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You'll need a referral letter from a GP for referral to a NHS endocrinologist and to most private endocrinologists.

Email for a list of member recommended endocrinologists.

NHS rarely tests FT3 unless TSH is suppressed <0.03 but you can order private thyroid tests including FT3 from Blue Horizon and Genova via

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Thank you for the fast response!


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