Referral ???

Hi everyone, I hope you can help...

I've been struggling along for 5 years now without having seen an Endocrinologist, my GP isn't very helpful and insists I'm in normal range (TSH was over 5 at the last blood test).

I've had such a lot of pain in my joints and now in my hands too. I feel so tired and apathetic. Depressed....

I feel like I've just been treading water over the past years and now I'm sinking.

What should I say to my doctor to get a referral to see an Endocrinologist?

I'm at the end of my tether...


Many thanks,


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I'm so sorry you're in this situation. It doesnt help but it was the same for me. I begged for 8 years to be referred, being told by every GP in the practice that there was nothing wrong with me, my blood tests were 'in range'. I was ready to pay for a consult when a locum overrode the GP's and referred me. I was lucky. Its outrageous that we find ourselves in this position. Could you find the funds to pay for one visit to an endo?

Yes, I'd pay but not sure how I'd go about it... My own doctor didn't recognise my symptoms 5 years ago, I saw a different doctor who was great but sadly retired. My own doctor thinks everything that is wrong with me is down to menopause 😳

Frustrating isn't it...

Thanks for your understanding words,

Kind regards,

Michelle x

I am going through the same thing.Fatigue, Joint swelling, hair loss, weight gain and my reading was 5.0. Then they retest and say 2.9. I could care less I know it is Thyroid and not depression, menopause etc...I am confused told by a Holistic Doctor to use Iodine. I do not want to go on a synthetic hormone anyway. But do not know what to try.

There are people - including a lot of doctors! - who think that all an ailing thyroid needs is a good dose of iodine. This is far from the truth! And taking iodine if you aren't deficient, could do far more harm than good. Always, always, get your iodine tested before taking it. And if you are deficient, get your selenium tested before taking iodine. Selenium has to be optimal before taking iodine. Your doctor is not as 'holistic' as he thinks he is!

How about a private GP appointment and a private referral ?

Yes, I'll try that if I don't get anywhere on Tuesday with my GP

Thanks :)

It is better if you can get a referral through your GP as there may be a lot of prescriptions to come. The best GPs and Endo's acknowledge that patients can adjust medication to the correct level, but they only do this if you persist with the same GP. If you take the dose they recommend and keep returning poorly, eventually they refer, but hey this is your life that's being wasted!

I know, it's a long process and very frustrating but I'll keep trying :)


I had exactly the same with my GP, medication tweaked many times with the only effect being that I felt even worse, dragging myself around etc etc so had to get really stroppy with him & TG I did as I have another condition which would have been left undiagnosed if I hadn't. Go armed with an endo's name you want to be referred to by getting the list from Admin & very best wishes,

Cath xx

Thanks Cath,

That's really helpful, I'll do that and show him I mean business!


The administrator of this website has a list of endocrinologists and doctors who are sympathetic to hypothyroid patients. Before you pay a lot of money it's worth finding one on the list. Many endos are excellent with diabetes but hopeless with thyroids. You don't want to waste your money!

I'll ask for the list, that's very useful. Thank you so much x

I'd love to get a copy of that list! Looking for someone in Bristol. Thanks x

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