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I'm on usual levo dose(125mcg) + 6,25mcgT3(Thylexan) about 2 weeks for now and I'm feel relatively ok, (a little low in the evening) but I would like to try up my T3. I did not reduced my levo T4 dose. How do I know when is the right moment for upgrade(I should still remain on this combo another week or two or now is the right moment)?

If I will add another quarter when is the best moment in day to take (in the morning all 12mcg or in late afternoon or at bead time)?

Thank you...

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  • Adin,

    It's okay to increase dose now. You'll have to fiddle around with timings to find what suits you. I take my first dose of T3 with T4 on waking, and a second dose of T3 at bedtime. If T3 at night interrupts your sleep take the second dose 8-12 hours after the first.

    Hold at 12.5mcg T3 for six weeks and check FT3 level before increasing further.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • Thank you Clluter, I wonder if it is necessary to reduce the levo dose(125mcg) for add the second T3 dose ?

  • Adin,

    Only if FT4 is top of range.

  • Ok, thank you vry much

  • I forgot one more question Clutter please; if it's normal and why when I started to add the T3 to my levo in the morning, I felt warmed up in the evening (not along the day) and my nose was running (like I had a flu).

  • Adin,

    T3 speeds up your metabolism and that's why you start to feel warmer. I don't know why your nose was running. Hayfever perhaps?

  • Hello Clutter, sorry to bother you again but today in the morning I take a litlle more T3(aprox 7, 8 mcg compared to yesterday 6,25) and my usual levo(125mcg) and after a few hours I felt nervous, agitated and fast pulse.

    What this means, I'm overmedicated and should reduce the dose (T3 or T4) or it is only temporary during the adaptation stage because I increased my T3 dose. ?

    Initially when I started to add the T3 to my levo two weeks ago, I felt very well (calm, my moodiness was good) but today I'm vry anxios. What I did wrong?

  • Adin,

    It may be that the increase is too much. Go back to 6.25mcg for a few days until the agitation and fast pulse subside and then try again. If it happens again it may be that you don't need the increase in dose.

  • Thanks Clutter, you are so kind. I don't know why my ears ringing so loud. Strange because this happens when I'm undermedicated.

  • Adin,

    Another member reports her tinnitus and ringing in the ears becomes worse when she takes too much T3.

  • I understand, I will reduce T3 to see what happens. Thank you.

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