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Ultrasound for possible IBS

I have an ultrasound appointment today to confirm whether i have IBS or if not hopefully what it is.

I was just wondering if there is anything to ask or make sure is checked? When i first had a blood test done to see if there was any inflammation in my stomach, i made sure i had it done when i had symptoms and it came back as inflamed. the last time i had it done i had no symptoms and it wasn't inflamed. A remembered a few weeks ago that a few years ago i had an ultrasound done on my Lungs and there was a mark there that showed up the 2 times i had it done. My doctor at the time said it was due to an infection i had or was getting over but i hadn't had an infection so i'm wondering if that could be something? I'd completely forgot about it. I think i had it done as i was having problems breathing at the time.

Along with being Hyper & Hashi, I also suffer from Anxiety and Depression which i think plays a part in it but i do have a lot of symptoms of IBS.

Blood tests have ruled out Crohn's, Diabetes & Celiac's

Thanks for any advice

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IBS is diagnosed by signs and symptoms. The ultrasound will be to exclude other conditions. Looking at your previous post it seems you are still hyperthyroid. This will cause diarrhoea which should resolve once your hyperthrioidism is sorted out. Hyperthyroidism and diarrhoea can both cause magnesium loss which can cause anxiety and sensitivity to abdominal pains. I would treat the diarrhoea with loperamide and take a magnesium supplement such as magnesium citrate. Beware that too much magnesium can cause diarrhoea so you have a bit of a catch 22 problem. There is no useful test for magnesium deficiency, blood tests are of no use.

What is happening to your hyperthyroidism? How is that being addressed?


Thanks for the advice...

I was going to ask my doctor to check my magnesium levels as advised by someone i know. when i've been walking or moving around for a long period of time. i become really stiff when i sit down and can't get up without it being very painful and then i can't walk properly till it wears off.

Usually i'm constipated, it's only when i get a flare up that it turns to diarrhoea.

As for the my hyperthyroidism, i'm still classed as sub-clinical hyperthyroid and have not been prescribed any medication to take, i have to recheck my FT4 and TSH in about 3 weeks before my next endo appointment on the 21st June.


Your doctor cannot check your magnesium levels with a blood test. Magnesium is an intracellular cation, it is active within the cells. Serum total, ionised or even RBC magnesium has no correlation with intracellular levels. The only tests that can be done are based on signs and symptoms and response to supplementation. Unless you are hypotensive or have renal disease oral magnesium supplementation is safe. Supplementation with oral magnesium and response to treatment is the gold standard for magnesium assessment. Cellular levels of magnesium cannot be assessed outside of a specialist research lab. The blood tests a GP can order are crude and will give misleading results. Sorry I'm hammering this home but GPs generally have no knowledge of magnesium and may incorrectly believe a blood assay is of value.

Your symptoms do sound like IBS. The IBS Network based in Sheffield and chaired by Dr Nick Read is an excellent charity to join. Beware that if you google you may get a company that has tried to cash in on their good name.

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Thanks again for the advice.

I'll try supplementing the magnesium and see what happens. it's starting to affect me working now. one day i'm like a women on a mission just getting things done one after the other and the next day i don't have the energy at all and feels like i can't move.

Had my ultrasound yesterday so just waiting for the results to come through.


IBS is what you are diagnosed with when the doctors would otherwise have to say, "haven't a clue, pet". The ultrasound will be to rule out something they might have a clue about.

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It seemed to me like she found something yesterday during the scan but i won't find out for another week what it is, if anything.

After my last LFT came back she said there was no inflammation and then tried to move along to the next thing i went to see her for so i was like i don't think so. I told her i was still getting the symptoms and that's when she said she would send me for the ultrasound.

I've had 3 LFT since January, for 2 of them i had symptoms on the day and it came back inflamed and then the last one i didn't have symptoms and it came back normal so i'll be pointing that out to her when see her on the 2nd June.


I wonder if you actually have a 'low acid condition' which many people who are hypothyroid can develop.

Usually when they go to the GP he prescribes an antacid which is the wrong one for us who are hypo. I shall give you a couple of links:

Members have found that taking a good Apple Cider Vinegar mixed in water or juice helpful and also Betaine/pepsin tablets before meal, particularly protein.

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Thanks, I'll have a look at the links.

i'm not hypothyroid though i'm hyper with Hashimoto's.


Oh - Although I know hyper symptoms are due to the antibodies that hashi's (Autoimmune Thyroid Disease) has that it was treated the same as hypothyroidism, ie. levothyroxine due to the wax and waning of the antibodies and that you will become hypothyroid.


I'm not on meds at the moment but when i am i'm on Carbimazole.

I thought i was having symptoms of being hypo but most of thrm can be explained with my low vitamin levels and greygoose told me that you don't always go hypo with hashi or it could take a long time to turn but during my last antibody blood tests both the TPOAb and Anti- TSH receptor AB were very high so i'm classed as subclinically hyperthyroid. I have to go for another blood test in a couple of weeks to have them checked again.


What type of ultrasound?


i didn't know there was different types haha. same as the one you have when pregnant.


Was just curious as I just had transvaginal ultrasound out of blue as gynaecologist felt something weird, but it turned out to be fluids in the bowel. Apparently nothing malicious showed up as she didn't say anything more about it. Nor recommended further tests.

I know inflammation can show in ultra and/or thickening of bowel.

So for me it seems the only option is edema caused by hashi.

Was just curious and I see you have not got your results yet. I was able to watch during the scan and told what I saw.Tho it was gynaecological in the first place but still.


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