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I just read about a supplement called Pure Thyro, by Professional Formulas, available in two strengths, 150 and 500 mg respectively.

I have found some glowing reviews on this product, but wonder if the idea behind this kind of supplement is to "wake up" sluggish glands, in this case the thyroid gland? That is not likely to happen to a patient with Hashimoto's disease as the gland's hormone-producing cells have basically been destroyed.

Anyway, this product seems a lot like Thyro-Gold (from NZ cows, GMO- and hormone-free), and with very few ingredients. Unlike Thyro-Gold, it's available in Europe, and not terribly expensive either...especially not compared to prescription NDT drugs.

So far, of all the NDT drugs I have tried, Thyroid-S seems to work best, but the very long list of fillers makes me wonder if it's really safe for long-term be quite honest, I cannot understand how it's even possible to fit so many fillers into such a small pill...and I cannot for the life of me see any need for all of them.

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  • Anna69,

    I'm thyroidless and need to keep my TSH suppressed so I wouldn't be prepared to take a chance on anything which didn't clearly state the amount of T4 and T3 contained.

  • Actually, it kind of does. It says: "one capsule of Pure Thyro contains approximately 2.3 grains of thyroid tissue (1 grain being approximately 65 mg) on the 150 mg bottle, and on the 500 mg bottle the label reads: "one capsule of Thyro 500 contains approximately 7.69 grains of thyroid tissue (1 grain being approximately 65 mg). But I am not sure how to interpret that...surely, it cannot mean the equivalence of 7.69 grains of prescription NDT...?! The recommended dosage is 1-2 capsules a day, and that would mean 14 grains...not possible, is it...?

  • A grain is a measurement of weight, not hormone content. Just because there's x number of grains of gland, it doesn't mean that it's all hormone. Or even any hormone. That's just the weight of the thyroid gland it contains.

  • Well, that sounds always when GG explains something:-)

  • lol Thank you, Anna. :D

  • Anna69,

    I don't care about the weight of thyroid tissue contained, I want to know how much active T4 and T3 it contains and the manufacturer won't measure that, or state it, because they would have to get a pharmaceutical licence to sell it instead of selling it as an over the counter food supplement.

  • Yes, the same is true for Thyro-Gold...

  • Anna69,

    Yes, but Tammy Lowe will estimate the T4+T3 content in each capsule which most manufacturers won't.

  • She seems really great!

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