Fixing the adrenals

Fixing the adrenals

Hi all,

several times people have said here that any adrenal issues need to be addressed before moving on to treating the thyroid. How would you go about this? My salivary cortisol results just came back, and although one result is a little high, overall they look OK. Is there anything here worth dealing with before trying NDT do you think? If so, what do you guys recommend for an under or over-active adrenals?

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  • Bump. I'd very much appreciate any opinions on the adrenals, and when they need tinkering with. I've been reading old posts on DHEA supplements and am more confused than ever!

  • I saw the Naturopath yesterday (I'm hypothyroid and adrenals fatigued + ME/CFS) and she told me I must try and get my blood sugar level stable throughout the day which will take the load off the adrenals. The idea is to find meals (b/fast, lunch and evening) which satisfy you enough to take you thru to the next meal without getting hungry/blood sugar dropping. So I've started a food diary to see how long what I eat keeps me going! Dr Christianson's book The Adrenal Reset Diet includes a handy chart for what to eat when - B/fast: 1 serving protein, fat, carbs. Lunch: 1 serving protein and fat, 2 of carbs. Dinner: 1 serving protein and fat, 3 servings carbs. Also has a long list of vegs in the list of things to eat in unlimited quantity at any time.

  • Thanks Topaz. I hope the plan is working for you? I do LCHF which is also pretty good for managing blood sugar.

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