Urgent Case Study Needed for Newspaper

Urgent Case Study Needed for Newspaper

Hi Everyone

I have today been approached by a well known newspaper who are running an article on the conditions that take a long time to get diagnosed.

They are looking for a woman with hypothyroidism who didn't actually go to the doctors initially because they thought their symptoms were due to working hard or having young children or the menopause etc. They then took a long time to actually get diagnosed by their GP.

They are looking for someone up to the age of around 75.

It will be a telephone interview and they will send a photographer to you to take some photos. The photos in the article will be small ones as they are writing about ten conditions.

If anyone is interested, please send me an email - enquiries@thyroiduk.org - or telephone 01255 820407 and leave a message with your telephone number so that I can call you back (I'm going home shortly!)


Lyn Mynott, Chair/CEO

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  • What newspaper is it Lyn?

  • Good question :)

  • I'll PM you

  • I'll PM you

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