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I got my T3

Hey guys finally I got my T3 oh my gosh it took the Dr forever to prescribe it any ways , but thanks God I got it . I'm taking Levothyroxine which my Dr drop it from 100 mg to 50 and also prescribed me 25 mg of T3 . According to my Dr I should take one daily and the time is not mentioned. I take my levothyroxine everyday 45 minutes before my breakfast , so which time is better to take my T3.

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Take half with your levothyroxine and half before bedtime. 25mcg L-T3 equates to 75 mcg L-T4 so you will be on a higher dose.

Also the T4 hangs around in your system for quite some time so I would skip a couple of days levothyroxine before starting on the L-T3 initially at a half dose for a few days.


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