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Health meltdown from hashimotos?

I have hashimotos and thyroid problems and feel much worse the last year.......I'm on T4 and T3 the T3 is prescribed privately from the USA, I do feel a bit better on it the last 3 years I guess although not much. My immune system is in a bad state too. The last year has been. I thing but reoccurring gut and urine infections as well as exhaustion, collapsing and head sinus jaw spasms. Obviously the extra illnesses must be making the thyroid worse and each bit is dependent on the other. I am housebound. The NHS tests failed to diagnose the constant diorhhea as pathogens I.e bugs and they also failed to diagnose the enterococcus in my urine.

Private tests have finally revealed the bugs and one of the reasons that there are so many bugs in my gut us that I have no gut flora the Genova test showed so I have a water borne or soil borne or whatever infection and so my body also shows no white blood cells in the urine sample. This must be hashimoto as the immune response has shut down to fighting the infections. In the middle of that my body going into crisis and I been in hospital a few times. Blood sugar and dehydration due to constant diorhhea. They also found for the first time in my life T4 shot us and went to 27 outside the range . So became overactive from being under active before so thyroid mess have been reduced and t3.

The lack of immune response is the problem as well as the gut bacteria and my poor body can hardly move from a to b. This is awful does anyone have this has anyone had urine infections and had no white blood cells present? Or anyone had serious gut infections ? I'm throwing thousands of pounds at my health and that's to survive. Any ideas? Thanks

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I am in antibiotics, and have ordered natural herbs for the bowel. Vitamin c sachets for energy magnesium oil cream for stress, vitamin d I stopped taking but will start again....selenium I know is good. I've also got a few courses of antibiotics s to go which may help. I don't even trust the NHS lab tests now. I might retest my thyroid privately. Medichecks look good as it's a pin prick test. As I'm worried.

I have ordered probiotics and rehydration drinks and I can eat small amounts sometimes depending on the diorhhea.

It's a very funny time I need to rest a lot. I'm going to a doctor this evening too.


Hi . Have you considered probiotic drinks such as Kefir


Just vomitted 4 times and had diarrhea 6 times after eating ........last two weeks these cramps are getting worse and pains terrible in the guts I don't feel any food is going to help me


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