Follow Endo appointment tomorrow ! for miscarriages


Some of you have been following my journey and my blog on autoimmune thyroid and miscarriage. I have my NHS endo appointment who is putting me on the treatment he thinks there's evidence that will most likely save my pregnacies. I will put an update tomorrow with my latest thyroid antibody results tomorrow ! Can you ladies with hashimotos add your story to my blog please :

Please add your stories in the comment section on the homepage. You may see other stories from women with recurrent miscarriages there. I will be happy for you to share your story there and raise awareness on this issue as my blog is dedicated to this. I would love to hear from you.

Other than that see you tomorrow on here with my follow up results and discussion !

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  • Good luck for your appt tomorrow, hope things go well.


  • Hi Orangepie, don't know if it's useful or relevant but heard the other day that T3 treatment is bad for pregnancy as it can't cross the placenta, baby needs T4 which it will take from the mother but is left short if she is taking T3. I'm sure any sensible endo will know appropriate treatment but just thought I'd flag it to you as I'd not heard it before. Best of luck x

  • Thanks for that information ,I am taking levothyroxine I'm not sure if that's t3 or t4 just trusted my endo? Do you know what it is?

  • Hi Orange, Levo is T4.

    Not sure if it can be true that T3 only would be bad for a baby though - seems unlikely. Zoz1, if you can remember where you read/heard that, it would be really helpful.

    Best of luck for tomorrow, Orange. Will be thinking of you xx

  • A quick Google would suggest taking Liothyronine in pregnancy is fine:

    Just needs monitoring.

  • Is liothyronine same as levothyroxine ?

  • No - levothyroxine is synthetic (man made) T4 and liothyronine is synthetic T3. :)

  • The information came from and endocrinologist who is also a fertility expert. You don't have to believe it, just trying to be helpful.

  • Levo is T4 Orangepie. Trust your endo x

  • Zoz1, apologies if I came across as - well, sceptical. Unfortunately many of us here have found out we can't trust our endos - if only...


    Many of them apparently don't know what they're talking about and saying liothyronine is bad for baby sounds just like one of their invented excuses for not prescribing it when it's really needed.

  • I understand you scepticism, I have previously seen a horrific endo. The one I had this conversation with was fantastic, he treated me on symptoms rather than tsh and answered all of my questions by referring to scientific research studies rather that patronising or bulls**ting me. He's started me on levo as I've not tried any medication before so makes sense to try the path of least resistance first, especially as my levels aren't dire (yet). I asked him directly about t3 if I don't get on with levo and he said he is very open to it as a treatment (through private messaging I know he has prescribed it to others on here) but not in women that want to get pregnant in the next few years. I have to say from my experience with him, not to mention his credentials, that I fully trust him but appreciate that his advice was to me rather than to the whole world. I fear I may be in Orangepie's position in a couple of years so wanted to share anything that could make a difference.

  • That's great news, Zoz1, so pleased you found a good one. Hold on to him like glue! :)

  • It seems neither t3 nor t4 cross the placenta

    Unless anyone knows otherwise?

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