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Help please after Endo appointment

Help please after Endo appointment

Hi all

Advised needed please. Just got back from Endo but since last appointment I've taken myself off thyroxine and put myself in thyroid s. Bloods show t4 is suppressed so they want me to add Levi back again. That stuff damaged my life for 22 years.

Things of upping from 2 tablets thyroid s a day to 2.5 any advise guys

Many thanks


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Hi Lorraine,

I hope your going-it-alone will make you well. I cannot believe you've had to struggle for 22 years due to the guidelines.

Your T4 will be suppressed because there is T3 within the NDT. They cannot use the same blood test levels if patients are on T3 or NDT. Your T3 is on the low side too.

You are taking the equivalent to around 200mcg levo so I would up by 1/4 and see how you feel and after two weeks increase by 1/4 each time. Judge whether you need an increase in NDT. The aim is for the relief of symptoms and are well.

People who take NDT usually find a suitable dose between 2 gr and 4 gr.

I wish you well.

The link below is informative.


Hi Shaws

I certainly am going it alone well with the help you lovely lot :) .. ive felt so good since being on thyroid s.. ive lost just over a stone, looking to go back to work and even looking at fitness classes lol .. i did think when she said it i do need to up slightly. so i will do that and see how i feel.

can i ask i took my last thyroid s the morning of the day before the blood test ( it was 910am) is that correct ?

many thanks


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This was an earlier post re Vit D.


Lorr, your FT3 isn't near top of range so adding half a grain will be fine. FT4 is often suppressed or low when taking NDT. The higher levels of T4 required for conversion when on Levothyroxine aren't needed when you are getting T3 direct and the T3 will also stimulate better conversion of T4.


Thank you clutter..

I feel so much better on thyroid s ;)

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TSH is a pituatary hormone not a thyrid hormone and lets face it if you feel well then why change? Doctors are not gods they are ADVISORS only they cannot dictate to you.


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