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Newly diagnosed hyperthyroid but been lurking here for a while!

Saw doctor 5 weeks as I was having palpitations, trembling, not sleeping, very tired, anxious plus bowel incontinence. Given blood test that day...expected thyroid to come back usual results were

TSH <0.1

T4 32.9

T3 11.1

TPO >600

Prescribed Carbimazole but put on Propranolol later to ease symptoms above as I was struggling at work.

Going to Endocrinology department tomorrow, what do they do...more bloods, adjust pills?


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Hi Willowland,

Scary and horrible isn't it? I had all your symptoms with t4 of nearly 70. Initially I was told to have thyroid out - nodules - then I did a bit of research and have a very, very good endo, in fact all the ones I've seen at Bristol have been excellent. I was told by GP to do block and replace but with endo's OK I did titration of drugs according to blood test results. So, when the T4 came down (TSH takes a while to go up) I reduced carb from 40 mg daily with propanalol to 20, then to 10 and finally after a 18 months 2.5 mg daily (and ditch propanalol probably after first two months max). I then came off the drug and for nearly two years have been fine. I have monthly acupuncture and herbal tinctures. However, my T4 has now shot up again (usual symptoms) and I'm back on medication. Felt a bit rubbish but lovely endo said stay with treatment and go on long-term very low carb of 2.5mg. He is against surgery and radioiodine - in my case. I also gave up wheat. While you are hyper don't do strenuous exercise - swim, walk, yoga, anything that calms - massage invaluable but proper therapeutic, not surface beauty treatment. I think I am lucky. This website is incredibly supportive and empowering, so while it takes some time to get your head around thyroid issues, it can be done. While you are thyrotoxic make sure people know you need emotional and physical support. Best, Tilly.


Thank you for the reply, good to hear how someone has got on with same condition.

I found it rather scary that the blood tests I have done every year were normal in September were so out of normal range in April.

In hindsight the symptoms started before Christmas. I shall make sure my daughter's are aware as my mother has it also and I didn't realise it runs in families.


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