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At Last - An Endocrinology Appointment

Hi everyone,

After about 10 weeks of trying to get an appointment with an endocrinologist which I was told I needed at the beginning of February, I have finally been given the appointment for this coming Thursday.

I really want to be prescribed some NDT but as I have discovered most of you have to self-medicate with this, so should I push for T3? For the last couple of weeks I have spent most of my time trying to stay awake I would say that I am an at all time low.

Sadly I cannot find the last blood test results I had but it definitely showed that I was hypothyroid on them.

If you could arm me with any information I would be extremely grateful.

Wishing you all good health.

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The following are my last results, could someone please explain what the AKI result means and what should be happening as my doctor has not explained anything about it.

T3 4.5 (3.50 – 6.50)

T4 19.4 (10.30 – 22.70)

TSH 0.24 (0.35 – 5.50)

AKI Warning Stage 0 (SV2496) Satisfactory Result

Thanks to you all.


Sorry AKI I haven't a clue what that means! However I think your FT3 is too low though your FT4 is better. You look as though you aren't converting the T4 into zt3 properly. To assist this you need to have you vitamins optimal. Could you ask your doctor to check folate, B12and vitamin D. We are often low in these and they are essential for conversion. I had a similar problem and increased the supplements I was taking g and got better results. I also did a food intolerance test and cut out the many foods that I reacted to. This helps you body not just the thyroid. If this does not word ( it doesn't happen overnight so give it time ) then you may have to continue by adding a little t3 to your T4.


Thank you for that information silverfox.


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