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More ammo to challenge Gp, CCG NHS over T3 non prescription

This link brought up on another web site, thought I'd share

Professor Colin Dayan, TOP TOP Prof in endocrinology. Head of Reasearch etc ( see link below)

and a thoroughly nice person

( co-author of 2015 BTA statement on treatment of primary hypo.. WHICH IF YOU READ IT THOROUGHLY DOES GIVE ENOUGH MENTION OF A SUB GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO DO NOT DO WELL ON T4 ALONE note section 12 etc etc etc providing windows for treatment)

Here's the statement that the CCG's have cherry picked their 'it's a fact' ( no it's not!) information from to list T3 as a red drug ( Mostly lets be honest because of the cost inflicted on the NHS by Mercury Pharma. It costs a few euros without a 'script overseas, Greece etc)

Read every word with a highlighter in hand - give the highlighted copy to the GP


Very useful reasearch on 'T4 alone won't do for some' below

Suggest you store in your computer folder 'T3 and Thyroid'

Print 3 for your file ( you have one don't you?) one for your GP and a spare.

"Changing our doctor at a time!"


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yes I am sure Prof Dayan will have plenty to say about withdrawl of T3

because he knows what he is doing when it comes to thyroid


I am pretty sure this is the professor that my endo knows worked with studied etc .........she has agreed that I can keep my NHS t3.


Be careful with Dayan hes very tricky and hsd been known to tell lies when it suits,


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