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Finally been referred to an endo - Paul Ryan

If anyone has the time to read all my posts please feel free.  A potted latest version is as follows:

I was prescribed Atenolol  ( a beta blocker) and it sent all my figures awry.  My GP didn't seem to to think it would make any difference but then again he doesn't want to know about T3.

I take T3 under Dr P because T4 wasn't converting .  Since taking Atenolol, it would appear thatT3 isn't getting into my cells either. 

Finally, I have been back to my GP ( I don't go often because he doesn't understand whats happening) but went for a different reason ie urinary tract infection.  Although I say he doesn;t understand, he is a very understanding doctor and allowed me to sit there for almost an hour while all the other patients were patiently waiting...I felt bad.

Basically, he has agreed to refer me to an endo, one I asked for Dr Paul Ryan.

I asked for Dr Paul Ryan because I believe he looks favourably, if necessary, at the taking of T3.  My GP, when I said this, automatically stated that he would require me to take T4 too. I said I understood that but that at least I would be dealing with somebody who understands my taking of the T3.  

Am I right to have thought this?  Will it be worth me seeing Dr Ryan?  I feel like I have achieved something by getting this referral (previously refused). Any other experiences?  I am probably quite an unusual case especially as my FT3 readings before Christmas were out of contol ( I still maintain it was the effect of the Atenolol). My personal blood tests also showed very high antibodies although my GP surgery said they weren't.  Again, Dr Paul Ryan might be able to throw light on what to do with those figures?

My GP has agreed to give me something other than Atenolol.  Hopefully it will help the T3 get absorbed as opposed floating around.

So, any comments on the above and also any suggestions about Dr Paul Ryan?

My GP seems totally spooked by any mention of T3.  Today, once again, he almost wanted to put a gag on my whenever I mentioned it.  These GPs are all scared.

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Paul Ryan from Medway hospital?


Yes thats him. What do you know? PM me if you prefer.


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