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Could my daughter have thyroid problems?

hello everyone, I am seeking advice on behalf of my 32 year daughter, currently has depression, weight gain of over 4 stone, sweats, headaches, no energy, always tired, feels amd looks unwell all the time, insomnia and huge appetite.

Gp has done bog standard bloods and tests back showing thyroids back borderline, same as last time, however she's not worried she said yet I feel most of her symptoms sound to me like underactive thyroid, I told her to demand a thorough thyroid blood test but she felt the doctor didn't want to know and increased her anti depressants which I am not happy about. Any advice you can give me will be great, thank you. X

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If her blood tests show borderline, perhaps it is worth her going back and asking if she could try a small dose of thyroid medication to see if she feels any benefits before she takes antidepressants? 

I was borderline and they started treating me on a small dose because an antibody blood test showed that I was only likely to get worse. My symptoms weren't too bad thankfully - I had put down my tiredness to a busy life and getting older. 

If you post the blood results on here with the ranges, there are some knowledgeable people who could advise. 

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thank you so much ruby, xxx

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When getting a blood test for our thyroid hormones it should be the very earliest possible and don't eat before it although you can drink water. If taking thyroid hormones about 24 hours should elapse between last dose and test and take levo afterwards. 

I shall give you a list of clinical symptoms. Also take temperature underarm when awakening for ten minutes and do this for several days to chart temp. One of the clinical symptoms is that our temp is low and many complain of coldness and they cannot warm up.

Undiagnosed hypo can lead to other more serious diseases.

A full thyroid function test is TSH: T4: T3: Free T4: Free T3 and antibodies. Also we are usually deficient in B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate which should also be tested at the same time.

If GP isn't agreeable as the guidelines state only TSH is sufficient but the most important hormone T3 (liothyronine) runs our whole system from top to toe and if insufficient we have symptoms. (this phenomenom appears to be unknown within most of the medical professionals).

If we have thyroid antibodies it means we have an Autoimmune Thyroid Disease called 'hashimoto's.

We also have recommended labs which give a small discount if GP wont do all of them.

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great advice, thank you. X


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