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My son's TSH results are normal but could this still be a thyroid problem?

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My son is 25 and otherwise in good health. I wonder if his extreme lethargy is caused by a thyroid condition.My life has been completely transformed, in a good way, since being finally diagnosed with hashimotos last year . I am now on 100mg levothyroxin and no longer experience extreme lethargy, depression, muscle aches etc. It has had such a profound effect on my life, I am keen to explore the possibility that my son may have a thyroid condition also.

He is in good health but his symptoms have a marked effect on his life. He says the most significant symptom looks like a lack of motivation or procrastination to outsiders but feels very different to him. He cannot even do things that are enjoyable and is still and quiet much of the time. This limits all aspects of life and has affected him since secondary school. Phychiatrists have been unable to help much. Having experienced such an amazing turnaround in my own symptoms, I am keen to explore the possibility that my sons difficulties are also thyroid related. I would love to know if his symptoms sound familiar to anyone and if they have any thoughts on diagnosis and treatment.

19 Replies
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Hello, I think it’d worthwhile sharing his blood test results here. “Normal” they may appear to your GP, but the good people on this forum might reach a different conclusion!

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Mindseye in reply to J972

Thanks so much. I have just posted the bloodtest results in this thread.

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So we can offer better advice for your son, can you tell us his blood test results (with ranges in brackets) for:




Plus any antibody and key vitamin tests (ferritin, folate, vitamins D and B12)

If his GP is unable to complete all the above (eg if TSH is within range, some surgeries may not be able to access FT4 and FT3 tests), he could look to do this privately, as many forum members do, for a better picture of his thyroid health:

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Mindseye in reply to Buddy195

Many thanks for your reply. I have posted his bloodtests from last jan and this feb. I will look in to getting FT4 and FT3 tests done.

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Buddy195Administrator in reply to Mindseye

It’s essential that key nutrients - Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Folate and Ferritin are at optimal levels to support thyroid health, so I would encourage your son to aim for:

Vitamin D (100-150nmol/L) Has this been tested?

Vitamin B12 (Total B12 needs to be at top of range or for Active B12 100 or above)

Folate (at least half way through range)

Ferritin (half way through range)

I successfully raised my folate and B12 using a good B Complex (eg Thorne Basic B). Is your son vegan/ vegetarian as this can be why ferritin is low? We don’t recommend supplanting iron without first doing a full iron panel.  humanbean has great links on raising ferritin, so I will copy her in.

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Mindseye in reply to Buddy195

So helpful, thank you.

He's not vegetarian and has a pretty varied diet.

I don't see a result for Vit D is it called something else on blood tests maybe?

His Ferritin is 78 - halfway is 126.5 I'll look at humanbeans links to raising this

Folate seems ok at 9.8 - halfway is 8.5

his B12 is 472 the upper limit of the range is 883

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Buddy195Administrator in reply to Mindseye

He could ask GP to test vitamin D levels. Many members, myself included, test privately- then you can have comprehensive thyroid tests, key vitamins and antibody levels in one test.

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In a word...Yes!

The word "normal" means nothing!

Medics are fixated on TSH which science proves is not a reliable marker

His symptoms suggest hypothyroidism!

Can you post his lab results please

Meantime this may help

Once we have his labs we will be able to comment further

With correct thyroid medication he should feel well again.

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to DippyDame

The normal range: it is not normal and it is not a range

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Mindseye in reply to DippyDame

Thank you so much for those links. I have posted the bloodtest results in this thread.

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Thanks for the replys everyone. Here's the 1st page of blood tests taken a year apart.

bloodtest results p1 of 3
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Mindseye in reply to Mindseye

page 2 of 3

bloodtest results p2 of 3
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Mindseye in reply to Mindseye

3rd and final page

bloodtest results p3 of3
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Unfortunately only TSH tested ( no thyroid hormones) and that tells us very little.

This limited testing is quite usual in the NHS but is causing a lot of problems for patients who are not being correctly diagnosed....or medicated

TSH reflects the overall level of thyroid hormones in the serum does not provide individual detail of FT4 or FT3 levels. Without those it becomes a guessing game!

For a full thyroid evaluation the following are required

TSH, FT4, FT3, vit D, vit B12, folate, ferritin and antibodies TPO and Tg

Ferritin and folate both low

No vit D result....request test as this is vital ( my son found his vit D very low when he did a thyroid test recently)

These nutrients play an essential part in thyroid function and T4 to T3 conversion

Buddy has already referred to nutrient levels

You may be able to persuade your GP to request further testing....but doubtful.

Many of us test privately to obtain all labs

It should not be like this but I'm afraid thyroid care, as this forum clarifies, is dismal.

Good luck going forward.

We're all in this thyroid debacle together so just ask if you need help....might your son also join the forum?

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as Dippydame says, your son should have his T4 and T3 tested. He might have secondary hypothyroidism, which means TSH is normal but T3 and T4 are low. NHS very rarely test these

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Hi, your sons symptoms can be found on pernicious anemia site here. I suggest you post again there. His b12 is very low and dropping.

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Mindseye in reply to Carlosdoug

Many thanks. Pernicious anemia runs in the family. Frustrating that his b12 numbers are seen as normal by the Dr. I'll post on that site as you suggest.

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Does this sound familiar? A conversation between me and arTistapple on symptoms.

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I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism approximately 6 yrs ago, my hypothyroidism is Hashimoto’s related, and sadly, it’s only been about 2 months since I learned, from this website, that Hasimoto’s is not the same thing as hypothyroidism. The reason I’m bringing this up is maybe your son had Hashimoto’s but it hasn’t completely triggered hypothyroidism. He could get tested for the antibodies.

I picked up a book from the library’s, Hashimoto’s Protocol by Izabella Wentz. She also wrote Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. The book is about how lifestyle/diet changes can potentially prevent Hashimoto’s from destroying your thyroid.

My mother was diagnosed with hypothyroidism caused by Hashimoto’s 25 to 30 yrs ago. She asked her doctor about the chances of her children being effected and all her doctor told her was that there is a genetic link. One by one my siblings got diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I was the last to get the dreadful diagnosis. After learning from this website that Hashimoto’s isn’t hypothyroidism and reading Wentz’s book, all I can think is had my mother’s doctor explained things correctly to my mother or if any of my doctors had bothered to explain anything to me, I could have altered my diet years ago and potentially avoided getting hypothyroidism.

Hope you find some answers for your son.

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