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My 4 years old daughter have thyroid

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Hi everyone I just find out that my 4 years old daughter have thyroid and her level is 18. Doctor start the thyroid medician. I don't know what to do she is just 4. Who it going to be normal and medician side effects.

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So we are assuming it's her tsh level which is 18... This means her pituary gland is having to make lots of thyroid stimulating hormone in an effort to persuade the thyroid to work. If her thyroid gland cannot make enough hormones then she will be given replacement hormones in the form of levothyroxine every day. The levothyroxine is a storage hormone which turns into t3 when she needs some energy.

She should soon feel much much better.... Has she been lethargic, tired and grumpy?

Have a look at the main website....http:/ for more information.

Don't worry too much, the hardest part is getting diagnosed. The thyroid medication works well for most of the people who take it.

The rest of us, who donT have a diagnosis, or donT get on well with the prescribed meds, are on this forum. Or other forums. We represent a minority group..... And even we manage to get out health back.. Eventually.

Xx G

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Hello beena380,

I am so very sorry to hear that your little girl has thyroid issues.

As a mother myself I sympathise hugely and can't imagine the anguish you are going through.

I have no experience of treating children but others will reply.

If it is the same as an adult.....blood tests determine the level of thyroid hormones in the blood and thyroid meds, usually life long are prescribed depending on test results. If there is a nodule, an ultrasound scan which is painless will help to tell if it is fluid-filled or solid.

I am sure your daughter is in safe hands and will hopefully feel better once medicated.


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Beena, if your doctor has prescribed 'medication', you Don't really have to do much at all. Just make sure she takes it every morning, one hour before eating, with a glass of water. Make sure she has a nutrient-rich diet, cut down on sugar, but Don't cut out fats.

When you go for her next blood test, make sure it's early in the morning - before 9.0, and leave 24 hours between her last dose and the test. And give her her breakfast after the test.

It will take a little time for the 'medication' to work, but when it does, she should be 'normal' again. But it's going to take time for the body to absorb and use the 'medication'. At least six weeks, and then she has another test, and the dose will probably be increased.

But you mustn't think about it as 'medication', because it's hormone, not a drug. There shouldn't be any side-effects, but if she doesn't feel well on it, just let your doctor know.

And Don't worry. If you have any questions, there will always be someone her to answer them and support you. :)

Take care, grey

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I understand the ranges for children Re different to those of adults so don't worry if you spot posts with results that look very different. Ask your doctor for a printout of your daughter's results and the ranges will be in brackets with each result

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A good point silverfox makes.

Check that the printed ranges really are the pediatric ranges.

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I've never seen them displayed anywhere but I'm assuming they are adjusted in some way to account for rapidly growing bodies? would be interested to know if any one is up to date with that

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Pediatric ranges for ONE lab are available here:

Each lab will have its own and they will vary.

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Thanks for that, was roughly what I would have suspected!

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TSH Free T4

<6 10.8 - 19 = Top Children's hospital

0.34 - 5.6 7.5 - 21.1 = Pediatric Dept. of Hospital

0.2 - 4.5 9 -24 = Children's Dept. of Hospital

Here is a family members children's ranges that have been done silverfox7

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Thanks everyone for your supports

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