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where to after NDT for six weeks?

Hi everyone

I just wanted to get some help. 

44yr old male. I tested of TSH >8 and TP Antibodies of 360 I found myself told everything was ok by GP. My worst symptoms are poor energy, constipation, insomnia and flatline libido... so read Barry Durrant Peatfield's book ordered some NDT (Thai Thiroyd) from Amazon. I've now built up over 6 weeks to a dose of 4 a day. Pulse normal and temp never as high as 36c. Energy has improved but my insomnia (typically waking for good after several hours) remains and libido still flatlined. Can anyone tell me how high its common to go with an NDT dose, or recommend what kind of tests I need to get done to eliminate causes such as adrenal, cortisol or Vitamin d/b issues.

Thanks for your time. enjoy the sun!   

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I think you might have increased a little too fast. Normally, one increases by half a grain every two weeks until your reach 2 grains. Then hold for six weeks and get tested. After that, increase by 1/4 grain only.  You could very well have missed your 'sweet spot'.


But, how are you addressing your immune system?  Your body thinks your thyroid is a germ!  The problem is not with your thyroid!  I have Hashimotos too.  No med helps me to feel better.  Isabella Wentz and Mark Hyman MD, have great advice for helping you get rid of it.  This is what i am aiming for.  It is about diet and food sensitivities mostly.


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