After 30 days on cytomel I had a bad reaction. I actually had the reaction on day 1 and it just for worse and worse. Extreme belly bloating looking 9 months pregnant. Something is in the filler probably gluten or gluten like. So today I stopped. I am waiting for a mail order t3 from Greece but the ingredients look the same. With the cytomel I was warmer and didn't lose as much hair. I have a endo appoint in 3 weeks I will ask for a compounded t3 I guess.  This is so frustrating 

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  • Lactose perhaps.

    But was that just on 10mcg? I know you've said before how sensitive to meds you are. 

  • I worked up to 7mcg in morn and 5 in afternoon. Ya lactose can cause bloating. I sense gluten. It can give me a weird feeling. Ya Im extremely sensitive to fillers. I think I need compounded meds. But I don't know

  • If it's not gas, then I can sympathize.  Cytomel sped up my digestive processes so I gained a lot of belly fat.  The more I took, the worse it got.  I know there's people who lose weight on Cytomel but I gained and gained.  I tested my blood sugars and they were all over the place biggie time.  I think it caused a bit of ear damage because that's when my ears started ringing.  It's taken almost a year now and it happens much less now and not all the time.  When I was taking the Cytomel, if i had a drink (booze), my ears would get a drumming noise in them that was faster than my heart rate.  Really really weird.  That totally stopped as soon as I was off the Cytomel.  Of course Endo 'never heard of it before'.  Just goes to show we are all of us unique in our responses to medications.

  • do you happen to know what the fillers are in these versus cytomel?

  • Cytomel 

    Active ingredients 

     liothyronine sodium 

    Inactive ingredients

    Calcium sulfate


    Starch corn

    Stearic  acid



  • may be the corn..

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