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Urgent Hypo to hyper advice pls

I'm due at the doctors for a second opinion at 3pm to request tests for other autoimmune diseases especially addisons as I'm having sever tremors and palpitations. I've not got my full blood test results yet from yesterday but my TSH has gone from 10.44 to 0.49 does this mean I'm now hyper? Should I still continue on levo? I'd like to go prepared this afternoon with any advice you can offer please. I've gone from not being able to lift a fork yesterday and being awake all night to suddenly cleaning n feeling better today yet still shaking and with palpitations also my throat has started to swell. Doctor on Wednesday fobbed me off and told me to wait for my first appt with an Endo on 23rd but I've spoken to the practice manager and complained that I'm too sick to wait for appt and not going to be dismissed. Hence your help is much needed thanks 

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No it doesn't mean you are hyperthyroid. It might be you need to try a slightly smaller dose to see if your symptoms reduce - it could also mean you are on insufficient. Ask GP if he can test your FT4 and FT3. If both were over range then you'd be taking too much. If in the low of the range you need an increase.

Tell your GP this afternoon that you are concerned because you are feeling so unwell I know exactly how you feel . Sometimes it takes some time for our body to adjust. Ask him to check your FT4 and FT3 (he probably wont) and the FT3 would indicate how much FT3 is in your system. T3 is the active hormone required in our cells and sometimes we might not be converting levo to sufficient for our body's needs.

I'm sorry you are feeling so bad and the whole episode of hypothyroidism is so complicated we don't understand what's going on, particularly as we are put on hormones and we expect to feel better not worse. :)

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