My blood test

My blood test

Hello guys finally got my blood test results and I want to post them here to get your opinions as I mentioned before I have thyroid problems since 2014 and taking 100 mg levoxi . I gained alot of weight which really depressed me , so now  I'm obesse and I want to lose weight,  I tried every kind of diets, losing weight pills and much more. I starved for many weeks to lose weight,  but failed. But since I read my previous posts reviews ,then some of you asked for my blood results . Please help me to lose weight. It is annoying. If I want to self medicate myself , then what should I do ? Trust me guys I tried everything , results failed.

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  • Hi nemojan

    There is no thyroid history in your Profile but I see from above you are on 100mcg of levo.

    The fact that your TSH is nearly 3, tells me that you are on an insufficient dose of levothyroxine.

    When your dose is too low to raise your metabolism, no matter what you eat or don't eat wont make much of a difference. How you exercise as well - when not on an optimum of thyroid hormones and you exercise it rebounds, it reduces the T3 even more. T3 is the active hormone our body requires.

    Unexplained weight gain is a clinical symptom of hypothyroidism. Weight gain whilst on levothyroxine is mainly due to being on too low a dose or kept on a lower dose than your body requires.

    Your TSH should be around 1 or lower. Your FT3 is about half-way and should be towards 4 rather than around 3.

  • B12 is way too low and needs to be around 1000.  Try typing B12 into the Search Box above and click Enter on the keyboard - you will then find everything you need to know about B12.  Otherwise click onto my name and scroll through my posts for B12 topics ....

    The above link tells you everything about B12 ....

  • Nemojan, we trust you! lol We know what it's like! Well, the majority of us do, anyway. But, low-calorie and/or starvation diets, diet pills, are only going to make things worse, not better. You are hypo, your FT3 is too low, that's why you've put on weight, nothing to do with calories - it probably isn't even fat.

    You are only on a very small dose of thyroxine - almost a starter dose - and your B12 is low. And if you're only on a small dose of thyroxine, your T3 is almost certain to be low - you need an increase. And, if T3 and your B12 are low, you probably have other nutritional deficiencies, as well. You need to get your vit D, folate and ferritin tested, and supplement if not optimal. Nutritional deficiencies will also make it hard for you to lose weight.

    So, there is hope, if you manage to optimise everything. But, first you have to get your doctor to increase your dose of thyroxine, and get the other tests done. Have you had your antibodies tested, by the way? If not, best to get them tested, too. :) 


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